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The Unexpected Marriage


Story about:love, sacrifice, hate

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Description of book "The Unexpected Marriage"

The Tanya the happy going girl, who has a habit of compromising with everything she got. She is the maid in her own house and getting cheated by her own relatives in all ways possible. The only support she got in her life was from her grandfather.
Who will support her after her marriage?

This is the story about the boy who was forced to marry the girl who was about to marry his brother. He forces his father to write all his property on his name for marrying that girl. Will be try to accept this marriage? Will he Support his wife?

This is the story of Varun and Tanya, who were forced to marry, how will they overcome this sudden and unexpected change in their lifes. Will they be able to support each other in achieving their dreams or they will lead a life like strangers to each other.

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Kavita Yenurkar 24.01.2021, 08:19:43

wtf is she Manya I think so oh no ! what happened to Tanya!

Dream of books 23.01.2021, 20:58:48

I don't understand anything he helping she should atleast keep some remorse for helping instead she is really behaving like a bitch sorry for this word author but it's right

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Shams 24.01.2021, 07:09:02

Dream of books, ThanQ for your comment

Dream of books 22.01.2021, 05:29:04

precap is not nice he is only helping her this is totally misunderstandinstory I can't understand anything please she should understand

Nahid Sheikh 20.01.2021, 16:03:49

am little bit confused writer...are they talking about Tanya's aunty Tanya Malhotra and is Sahil Saxena is aged man?? coz when at the time of his entry when varun was shot Sahil said am Tanya's bf so I thought he is talking about young Tanya but now it seems he is talking about Tanya's aunt...and all the time I was considering Sahil is also young guy like varun but now it seems he aged man...ufff am confused writer and what about Varun's brother Jay where is he ???

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Nahid Sheikh 20.01.2021, 21:45:22

Shams, okay :)

Swati Sharma 20.01.2021, 10:49:26

couldn't get the story. where is it going...

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Swati Sharma 20.01.2021, 16:41:40

Shams, thanks

Justina Akinwale 20.01.2021, 15:46:58

This story is so intriguing when are we going to get more light. Its more complicated now

Ayesha Jannat 19.01.2021, 21:12:44

I really can't understand the plot about their past

Arundhati Sengupta 19.01.2021, 14:17:28

This story is becoming too confusing. Why r they hiding facts from Tanya. Why does Varun want her to divorce him. Everything is way too complicated.

Dr-Hana Khalid 18.01.2021, 18:32:40

Yes story is going slow now

Dream of books 18.01.2021, 17:45:20

omg why 6 months please ok we know you have we issues so but 6 months gap means very much please atleast give us some more proofs of her and him and more please secrets please authors

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Shams 18.01.2021, 17:55:43

Dream of books, it is not gap, it is leap

Dream of books 16.01.2021, 21:20:46

I don't think This idea is right because she is already suffered more than enough

Dream of books 16.01.2021, 21:19:46

please author Varun should atleast behave some what nice 0.000001 percent please

Nahid Sheikh 15.01.2021, 21:41:23

Ohhh God is he fucking mad or what...why he is behaving like an asshole seriously even megha also not happy to see Tanya...can't wait to read more...eager to know the actual reason behind this unacceptable behaviour of varun

Dream of books 15.01.2021, 15:57:22

please Varun is behaving very bad she should be strong and what happen Megha she is behaving like that please Tanya has no one person to support her and listen to her feelings now dadu also died please author atleast make Tanya strong I don't know why his brother came Megha and Santhosh will behave some crazy as time tells I think

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Shams 15.01.2021, 16:03:50

Dream of books, sure you will know soon

Kiara 15.01.2021, 01:53:18

Is the girl who committed suicide Varun’s ex girlfriend? I am a little confused

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Shams 15.01.2021, 04:12:31

Kiara, She is Varun's aunt
Advik's daughter and Tanya's mother

Ayesha Jannat 13.01.2021, 20:01:50

Poor boy varun.... Don't make him die

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Ayesha Jannat 14.01.2021, 20:17:51

Dream of books,

Dream of books 14.01.2021, 17:54:43

hey author what happened to you making all of us sad by killing one by one

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Shams 14.01.2021, 18:45:13

Dream of books, sorry, from now I will try not to kill...

Dream of books 14.01.2021, 17:58:42

I think photo of Tanya grandfather's are best friends and decided to marry their grand children or I think it's family photo of Tanya and Varun small childhood I think

Dream of books 13.01.2021, 20:15:00

please let that known to Tanya. she should help him to get up from coma please

Ayesha Jannat 13.01.2021, 20:01:23

He is sincere with her ❤️

Nahid Sheikh 13.01.2021, 14:52:05

jai is such a pervert why he is trying to get close to her...and writer in last sentence instead of jai name there is varun name

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Shams 13.01.2021, 16:31:52

Nahid Sheikh, ThanQ for your comment, I did correction

Dr-Hana Khalid 11.01.2021, 20:50:47

Nice twist in story but waiting for happy love ending between varun and tanya

vijie 11.01.2021, 19:52:19

beautiful update

Nahid Sheikh 11.01.2021, 18:02:50

Oh My God Suspense hi Suspense hai... can't wait to read more..

Ayesha Jannat 09.01.2021, 19:53:35

What type of videos are these..... I think these are of malotra's daughter manya

Nahid Sheikh 07.01.2021, 22:03:04

Hello writer am confused did Tanya really sleep with so many men or she just said yes to varun out of anger after seeing those pics and those pics are actually real or fake???am actually confused coz I don't think Tanya could sleep with different men just for the sake of company welfare???plz reply writer

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Nahid Sheikh 08.01.2021, 21:12:14

Nahid Sheikh, Ok writer....plz update soon :)

vijie 08.01.2021, 08:00:02


Ayesha Jannat 07.01.2021, 17:10:43

I think it's going to be malotra's daughter turn

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Shams 07.01.2021, 19:11:10

Ayesha Jannat, Sure, but next week...

Maz Ahmed 06.01.2021, 19:07:11

So sad, then she did sleep with all of those men.. Varun is a bastard... hope she doesnt ends up with him.. we need a knight in shining armour.

Dream of books 05.01.2021, 18:01:49

omg after 23 chapters also he says he can't deserve her omg what the hell is this but author the story is awesome

Maz Ahmed 05.01.2021, 16:36:58

Wow he gets to kill 2 birlds with one stone.. first one is he should of married the other sister cousin and punishing her uncle and auntie and secondly he can get rid of Tanya by her supposed cheating...

vijie 05.01.2021, 15:22:50


Maz Ahmed 04.01.2021, 17:26:21

Im at a lose! Is Tanya and manya the same girl? When did Tanya model for an advert? I why is her uncle so against her to sleep with her own husband?

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Maz Ahmed 05.01.2021, 05:22:39

Shams, Ok cannot wait!

Nahid Sheikh 03.01.2021, 20:41:30

Ohhh God Varun is actually an could he do this with his own wife and I didn't understand one thing why he said she slept with many guys to get deal I mean someone told him or he was just bluffing his mom???

vijie 03.01.2021, 20:26:56


Maz Ahmed 03.01.2021, 19:21:17

What a fxxxxr! That is below the belt.. He is suppose to protect her instead he is goona ruin her reputation.

Surekha Sarankul 03.01.2021, 19:00:39

Ma'am the story become more interesting loving it n enjoying it☺

Kavita Yenurkar 03.01.2021, 06:30:40

oh yeah ( ╹▽╹ ) those bastards (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ now really really eagerly waiting for updates dear let's see what they do

Maz Ahmed 02.01.2021, 20:02:46

Im so confused does he want to sleep with the other girl that he was to suppose of married? For pay back?

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Maz Ahmed 03.01.2021, 05:23:42

Shams, Thanks cannot wait! I know definitely know he is upto no good though?

Nisarga Ramesh 02.01.2021, 13:24:15

update plzz

Kavita Yenurkar 31.12.2020, 16:56:32

Happy New year dear are you celebrating New year that's why you are giving us holiday (≧▽≦) enjoy bye bye miss you update soon

Nahid Sheikh 30.12.2020, 16:56:59

varun behaviour is so confusing...I mean I am not understanding his character whether he is actually a nice person or not

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Nahid Sheikh 31.12.2020, 11:55:22

Shams, i want his character according to writer's imagination ;) whether u want to show him nice person or bad person according to a plot i don't mind i just wanna enjoy story but m not understanding his character whether he is good or not well i think it's a suspense which u will disclose later about him...btw i am actually addicted to ur both books :)

Dr-Hana Khalid 30.12.2020, 18:57:31

Nice chapter and nice turn of events kindly try to update daily as story is gripping

Maz Ahmed 28.12.2020, 17:06:03

Varun is using her! He is trying to butter her up for her to conceive, once pregnant he does his own thing.

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Shams 28.12.2020, 18:33:03

Maz Ahmed,

Dr-Hana Khalid 28.12.2020, 16:28:49

Kindly post the update earlier because story is gripping

vijie 28.12.2020, 06:24:52


Dr-Hana Khalid 27.12.2020, 18:39:56

Eagerly waiting for happy love story and ending between varun and tanya

Nahid Sheikh 26.12.2020, 22:00:27

it's a lovely chapter writer... eager to know the suspense and what is actually cooking in Varun's mind, he must be planning something big and please write more about Tanya and Varun's scene m not asking for smuts but some sweet and caring one and thank u for uploading chapters frequently..keep up the good work :)

The last comment in the thread:

Shams 27.12.2020, 06:18:11

Nahid Sheikh, ThanQ for your comment...

bharat jio 26.12.2020, 17:40:48

it's a lovely chapter..
but can you pls make scenes more romantic.. is varun really caring abt her...??
then you have to explain it with more feelings..
I am not criticizing you... it's just a suggestion..
I wish you all the success..!
stay safe and blessed.

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bharat jio 26.12.2020, 18:17:08


Nahid Sheikh 17.12.2020, 21:02:04

very nice story dear writer... eager to know the truth... keep up the good work and please update soon :)

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