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The Unwilling Mate


Story about:billionaire, possessive werewolf king, romance

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Description of book "The Unwilling Mate"

Emma – An innocent 18-year-old human, who lost her family in a tragic accident. She is a gentle and kind soul who lives with her foster mum Grace and Grace’s boyfriend, Eric, who are both part of a werewolf clan. Although living with werewolves, Emma has remained unaware of the dangers that surrounded her . All that changes when Emma meets Dante
Dante – A cold ruthless alpha of the Houston Manor. He is an aggressive leader with no one daring to stand in his path. His very stare can instill fear to those around him. Soon he sets his eyes on Emma, a human. He has never felt this attraction towards someone and least of all a mere human, but once he lays his eyes on her he something in him cannot control his desire to have her. But what happens when Emma refuses to be his mate…

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Victoria Eades 26.02.2021, 17:29:51

Need more

Dream Soul 25.02.2021, 01:23:38

Author it's been long plz update

D Sapphire 22.02.2021, 17:53:39

Hey dear please update

D Sapphire 22.02.2021, 17:53:38

Hey dear please update

Dream Soul 20.02.2021, 07:44:14

plz update fast author

Dream Soul 14.02.2021, 07:44:48

It's too short make chapter longer

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Crudegold 18.02.2021, 17:39:55

Dream Soul, yes it is

Anju Sharma 14.02.2021, 03:56:29

it's alright author I just hope next one would be at time cause I just love this novel hell a lot

Rumana Roy 13.02.2021, 23:08:38

nice update..but the chapter is so short

Dream Soul 13.02.2021, 16:04:44

Author it's been so long plz update fast

Confidence Kelvin 13.02.2021, 12:35:24

wonderful piece. but please make they chapters a bit longer.

D Sapphire 08.02.2021, 10:46:41

waiting for updates dear I like the story but I feel bad for Emma shouldn't Dante be more gentle with her cause she is his mate no (˘・_・˘)

D Sapphire 08.02.2021, 10:45:26

waiting for updates dear I like the story but I am sad for emma but how can Dante hurt his mate no ? (・_・;)

Dream Soul 07.02.2021, 21:23:35

Author plz update

Oluchi Innocent 07.02.2021, 21:10:26

Nice story

Dream Soul 07.02.2021, 08:22:46

Wow really nice story author

Anju Sharma 07.02.2021, 06:01:02

ooops that hells hot

Priya Kallepally 04.02.2021, 05:07:00

good start author

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Priya Kallepally 06.02.2021, 18:38:58

Priyadee, will it be daily update,?

Phoenix girl 06.02.2021, 08:27:11

hey, nice story update again soon . I am waiting

Dream Soul 05.02.2021, 06:25:41

More updates author

Anju Sharma 05.02.2021, 03:46:00

hey author it was nice continue giving updates

Dream Soul 04.02.2021, 11:58:14

Intreasting story....update more and make chapter longer ?

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Priyadee 04.02.2021, 23:07:43

Dream Soul, noted and new chapters are posted :)

Piyush Yadav 04.02.2021, 15:14:37

interesting book.but author do update . waiting eagerly.

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Priyadee 04.02.2021, 23:07:07

Piyush Yadav, will do :)

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