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The Vampire on the Third Floor


Story about:vampires, mates searching for love, vampire and human love story

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Description of book "The Vampire on the Third Floor"

Samantha Lerwick, an orphan, found out that her Aunt took all of her money and left her with nothing, so she decided to end her life.
Until she met Leila Virsos, a mysterious girl, and her mother's friend. She decided to go with her and live a new life.
Little did she know, that Leila is not a human, but a Vampire. And she is living with the famous Vampire King of town, Damian Virsos.

Will she be able to swallow the truth about herself and her destiny? And to accept the she is living with the vampires, most especially the Vampire King living on the third floor?

This is the journey of a human and the vampire king and how they found love with each other.


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Elvina D'souza
14.05.2021, 00:32:06


Jessica Arrington
01.05.2021, 21:32:18

Please continue quickly..... this is the start of a great story!!!!

Faith Moseri
29.04.2021, 22:45:28

am getting good vibes from this story...
kudos to the author

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