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The Weakest Vampire Falls in Love

Eris Ellyense

Series: The Vampire's Prophecy

Story about:vampires, fantasy world, vampire human romance

59 1651

#1249 in Fantasy
#380 in Paranormal Romance

Complete 231 pages

Publication: 16.03.2021 — 02.05.2021

Description of book "The Weakest Vampire Falls in Love"

Author_Eris Ellyense

Mary Strauss is a vampire that has avoided consuming human blood because not once has it helped her in enhancing her vampiric powers. Her mentor, Eirene Frieda, has not given up on her activating her powers, but when they finally encounter a human that might be the answer to her weak powers, Mary discovers that there might be something more to her relationship with him than just predator and prey...and that she is entangled in an ancient prophecy that might shake the foundations of the supernatural society.

18+ for language and themes

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

Copyright Eris Ellyense 2021


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Victoria Chioma
19.08.2021, 18:48:13

I like the book, just waiting for the next sequel

Neziswa Khuselo
02.05.2021, 22:23:46

omg I'm gonna be reading only this book until I finish it now that it's done.... Thank you author

Eris Ellyense
02.05.2021, 22:25:12

Neziswa Khuselo, Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! UwU

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