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Touch of Rose

Tlalane Manciya

Story about:secrets revealed, baby daddy, second chance romance

Age restriction: 18+

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#278 in Short stories
#824 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 64 pages

Publication: 04.02.2021 — 05.02.2021

Description of book "Touch of Rose "

Lorenzo Fontana is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the continent, owning the biggest IT Company in the country, Fontana Software. What Lorenzo wants more than the success of his business is a family, a child and a good woman to come home to, but he has long given up on finding what he is deeply yearning for – someone to love him as much as he would love her in return. He had resigned to getting a woman who makes him laugh, smile and brings out the best in him. Until he saw Rose. After spending a life-changing night with a waitress he met at his bachelor party, Lorenzo woke up to discover that the beautiful woman he spent the night with had disappeared without a trace. He finally finds her, only to discover that she has been hiding a secret of her own that involves Lorenzo.


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Tlalane Manciya
06.03.2022, 01:08:45

Thanks for the reads. Always appreciated.

Eva Sankar
08.01.2022, 16:27:10

I enjoyed this story it keep me wanting to know what's next .Good work

Tlalane Manciya
14.02.2022, 11:34:45

Eva Sankar, Hi Eva, thank you very much for the feedback. I highly appreciate it, it's truly an encouragement for me to keep writing.

Josie joe
08.04.2021, 21:16:09

short story but very interesting. love it. Thank you for writing a wonderful storyline.

Tlalane Manciya
09.04.2021, 09:58:33

Josie joe, Thank you for your support and reading my story. Next month I have a new story coming out and it's longer. I also have a developing one currently live.... Tx

ruk p
31.03.2021, 06:19:38

what happened to migraine and test reports ? am I missing anything ?

Tlalane Manciya
31.03.2021, 08:23:05

ruk p, Hi Ruk. Thanks very much for reading. It wasn't anything fatal, the migraines were caused by all the stress. I should have made a follow up and mentioned that. Thank you.

Lynn Austria
31.03.2021, 04:13:45

Wow, a very nice love story, you are a good writer. Congratulations ????? hope to read more your books for FREE. Take care and God bless us

Tlalane Manciya
31.03.2021, 08:04:53

Lynn Austria, Thank you Lynn. I have another developing story and it's free, 'Love of a prince'. You can follow me so that you get updates of all my stories and updates on chapters and everything. Thanks for the support.

Наталия Арчер
07.03.2021, 12:13:30

The best present for Lorenzo! :)
I like it. ))

Наталия Арчер
07.03.2021, 12:40:42

Tlalane Manciya, Not yet. Fortunately, I have several chapters ahead. :)
I’m on the 8th chapter now.

Наталия Арчер
03.03.2021, 10:40:21

The first chapters are very catching! I like how the headache was described, I easily visualized everything. The kiss was great! The main characters are very sweet. I wonder if Lorenzo married after all (I have read only 5 chapters yet)), but I'm very curious what will happen next. Especially what was in the pictures? :)
The fifth chapter is hard to read because of the italics. It's better to write at the beginning about the time and make normal fonts. :)
The story is engaging. I want to read it till the end.
Thank you!

PS I've just read the annotation for the third time, but the first after reading part of the story. )) Now I can imagine what will be next. But still curious to find out the secret. :)

Tlalane Manciya
03.03.2021, 11:31:30

Наталия Арчер, Thank you... I will consider the italics as I see a lot of people are having issues reading it. Thank you so much for your support.

Наталия Арчер
02.03.2021, 06:25:23

I like the cover (the man on the cover mostly, hard to evaluate the fonts, he keeps distracting me))), and the annotation. Must be very interesting. Can't wait to start reading it. :)

Tlalane Manciya
03.03.2021, 11:29:58

Наталия Арчер, Thanks for the feedback. Truly appreciate it.

Lola Quentoxera
25.02.2021, 08:16:23


Tlalane Manciya
25.02.2021, 09:10:22

Lola Quentoxera, Thank you...

Omolola Talabi
06.02.2021, 23:50:17

I really love the synopsis... Congratulations on your book

Tlalane Manciya
07.02.2021, 04:45:59

Omolola Talabi, Omolola Talabi, Thank you ?.

Tlalane Manciya
06.02.2021, 13:22:19

Thank you guys for reading. ❤️ I highly appreciate it.

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