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Under the Dark Clouds


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Publication: 15.12.2018 — 07.01.2019

Description of book "Under the Dark Clouds "

"Zainden......people might see you like this dark person but when I see in your eyes, I can see its a mask and I can see that light in you. No matter how much you deny it, you will always have a white and bright side in you." I say and he looks deeply into my eyes, "That's because you bring it out and you are my light." He whispers as our noses brush against each other. "Then follow it.............follow me," I whisper.

Bo's the good girl, Zainden's the bad boy. Can this be any more cliche' Oh wait this isn't your typical good girl, bad boy story?

Bo is a seventeen-year-old girl living in a small town named Woodinville with her father. She doesn't have the perfect parents but she has a decent father, she has good grades, she's the school invisible nerd but yet she still catches someone'

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Amix 20 04.08.2020, 16:14:32

How wish he will turn to a billionaire in future and revenge.... He actually told her no matter wat happens... She just too soft

Amix 20 04.08.2020, 15:23:49

Please update am hanging

Umaima Noor 23.07.2020, 08:09:35

A really good novel..

farhanatu abubakar 17.07.2020, 08:04:55

sorry!!! I'm so determine to finish this story that I forget to comment.but I love your story

Casnice Investment 21.06.2020, 01:46:39

this should not end here

Pedro Y Cielo Mayic 10.06.2020, 22:13:26

is this the first book

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Pedro Y Cielo Mayic 11.06.2020, 19:42:20

Lulu_sweetheart , thank u for telling me luv your book so far

wendy williams 30.01.2020, 18:28:27


Awotoye Sarah Fifoluwa 11.01.2020, 12:23:33


Gloria Nakayita 02.01.2020, 09:41:54

hope it doesn't end here

Natasha Panchu 07.12.2019, 14:09:49

more chapter pls

Adimora Juliet 05.12.2019, 17:48:13

pls when is book 3 coming up?
I cnt wait this book gat me laughing and crying...
Wowww greatttttttt job author Tnx a million times for this

Kathleen Lindsey Sharp 20.07.2019, 06:20:45

oh my is there another part, it just can't end like this.

The last comment in the thread:

Lulu_sweetheart 20.07.2019, 08:28:14

Kathleen Lindsey Sharp, yes, in fact, I am starting to upload the second book, called Under the Rain.

whats up homie 03.06.2019, 23:47:28


Pretty Aslameeyah 13.05.2019, 02:13:00

Pls continue

Izzy 11.05.2019, 13:59:50

Amazing story but u didn't expose the connection of dreams with him.. Totally incomplete story :(

Masa Lesang 07.05.2019, 18:28:53

Is "love " this hard and confusing

monien mowla 18.04.2019, 16:20:41

the end just made me cry!its the most interesting and captivating story i've read so far

Pretty Aslameeyah 08.04.2019, 23:26:00

please continue

bin-teh-mahfooz 06.04.2019, 10:27:42

hanging is all I feel at the ending and all I can wish is a second part because this story is amazing, and it's no way near end.

Covenant Adegbami 06.04.2019, 00:15:30

I really like this book.
Keep up the good work

neha anthony 01.04.2019, 20:58:28

I read comment n em excited 2 know it's 2nd part is coming i hope this tym they get United plz inform when 2nd part arrives

neha anthony 01.04.2019, 20:24:05

The end was not should happy n postive ending becoz luv always win

Ameena Ami 01.04.2019, 03:37:02

Pls dis story should end wit him coming out of jail and she forgiven him and they live happy ever after

Nehal Kadlag 29.03.2019, 19:48:20

Dear Lulu_sweetheart,
I loved this book so much. Can you tell when will the next part release??? I'm feeling incomplete because of how excellent the end was of this part. Desperately waiting for the next part.
Thank you for such incredible book.

Hilda Rosa Carvajalino 27.03.2019, 22:01:22

La verdad me esperaba otro final mejor pero bueno tu sabrás mi opinión no me gusto pensé que no era ese el final

The last comment in the thread:

Lulu_sweetheart 27.03.2019, 23:33:44

Hilda Rosa Carvajalino, Yo se que ese no es un final bonito pero es porque este es una seire de libros y all momento estoy escribendo el segundo para suberlo aqui. Pero gracias por leer mi libro.

Hilda Rosa Carvajalino 27.03.2019, 22:01:20

La verdad me esperaba otro final mejor pero bueno tu sabrás mi opinión no me gusto pensé que no era ese el final

Sanya 24.03.2019, 19:30:00

I can't wait for the second part

Elsa Joy 10.03.2019, 10:52:46


Mojola Oloruntobi 01.03.2019, 16:39:00

I'm sorry but is this all? . 'cuz it feels incomplete

The last comment in the thread:

Lulu_sweetheart 04.03.2019, 04:07:44

Mojola Oloruntobi, No, I am currently working on the second book and it should be out very soon, sorry for the wait.

Sowmya Ashwin Kumar 23.01.2019, 18:15:56

Are there more chapters coming up?? I love the book...

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Sowmya Ashwin Kumar 03.02.2019, 10:39:00

Hi author, hope u r going to release the next book asap.. eagerly awaiting...

Monika Rajesh Pareek 12.01.2019, 15:15:42

Is the end of this novel I didn't like the end

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Monika Rajesh Pareek 27.01.2019, 14:15:58

Ok that's great.... Can wait to read another part as well.... Good luck with your upcoming books....

Kerry Ward 23.01.2019, 14:57:57

great story

Michael Knight 14.01.2019, 20:02:24


Jenny 13.01.2019, 15:34:47

is there a continuation?

The last comment in the thread:

Lulu_sweetheart 14.01.2019, 00:02:27

Jenny, yes. There is; I am currently working on it.

Drew 09.01.2019, 20:20:54


Peter Andrews 08.01.2019, 22:01:02

glad that I can read a full text!

The last comment in the thread:

Lulu_sweetheart 09.01.2019, 02:03:34

Peter Andrews, I'm glad you can enjoy it!!

Natalia Abram 06.01.2019, 23:42:35

good, don´t stop

Savage Rose 05.01.2019, 00:51:31

so in love

True Match 21.12.2018, 16:41:51

nice story

Asha Kumar 19.12.2018, 14:08:22

great beginning

Jenny 16.12.2018, 14:28:05

they are so sweet

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