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Publication: 08.06.2022 — 06.07.2022
Contests: Bound by the Moon

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Description of book "Untethered"

Amoura is a human, but being Moonkissed made her more than that.
Mated to the second last living descendant of the Originals, one of Five Alphas that had been the first of the werewolf specie, it's not a surprise that fate had their tale, A mayhem written in stone.
She was found by Maximus when she was but a babe, only to be separated by hunters that turned her into an indestructible weapon against werewolves, only for them to die by her hand when she escaped.

Maximus had never let the hope of seeing his Amoura again, die. Hence, the news of her escape and being on the run, had him eager to go seek her out. Alas, it would have been too easy for the two to simply reunite and live happily ever after. And so fate presented them with armoured challenges that met them head on.


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Godiva Gilbert
03.07.2022, 00:19:04

Very interesting story here, will definitely recommend this book

Conie Reigh
03.07.2022, 00:48:37

Godiva Gilbert, Thank you! ?

Conie Reigh
01.07.2022, 15:49:35

Thank you very much. And I don't plan on stopping :D

Vina Arie
01.07.2022, 09:42:48

I love your poetic words for the book. Put your book in a library and just hit the star button. I'm glad I found this book. Keep on writing :)

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