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Book. "Vampire's Kiss " read online

Vampire's Kiss

Michelle Zeah

Story about:vampire prince and human girl, vampirelove, complicated love

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#76 in Supernaturals
#92 in Paranormal Romance

Complete 229 pages

Publication: 26.11.2022 — 22.01.2023

Description of book "Vampire's Kiss "

Life has never been easy for Anna Martin Perez, she had to live her life with many consequences as she was daughter of infamous elemental witch. Anna, Anna had long crush over her classmate and school famous boy Phoenix Stever, little did she knows he had secrets of his own, something he was hiding. He was rude to Anna when she is around but shows care secretly. There was a gap in Ana's memories whenever she tries to remember the accident where her parents were killed with her younger brother all she could remember is darkness.
A twisted tale with a lot of memories and romance.


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Neha Garg
23.01.2023, 08:29:33

after reading first two chapters i think the story is promising. i laugh about Marianna

Michelle Zeah
23.01.2023, 16:56:09

Neha Garg, hahhahahaa yeah, she is one of those chracter. but she is hiding something

Muskan Agarwal
03.01.2023, 12:25:32

I am reading your 3 stories. I like it all. Please update soon.

Muskan Agarwal
23.12.2022, 20:52:21

Update soon, pleaae

Michelle Zeah
23.12.2022, 21:31:17

Muskan Agarwal, Hey Dear I am working on the Chapter it will be update in few hours

Tejashwi Sha
08.12.2022, 15:40:36

Continue the story author please

Michelle Zeah
08.12.2022, 15:01:37

Tejashwi Sha, At least I got a loyal reader

Tejashwi Sha
05.12.2022, 13:39:58

Lovely story dear ❤️ author❤️

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