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Description of book "Waves of a Hero"

Zikrah Zeedoh is one of bravest young African graduates steamed with cultural values, who has to embark on a job searching journey to honour the desire of his mother.
This leads him through various difficult strata of life. At first, he accidentally comes across a wealthy elderly widow who offers to marry him and gives him the ultimate leisure of wealth. Secretly, her cozy maid plans to overtake her. Her eldest son, who happens to be about ten year older than him, couldn’t bear the romance and chases him out.
After he regains his freedom from prison, he develops an abrupt crazy love to an unrepentant lesbian and hater of men.
This is an untold story of African cultural heritage, emotional love, intrigues, satires, suspense and heroism

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Jaleelarh Norein Yousuph
19.09.2020, 13:22:12

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