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Publication: 29.11.2019 — 30.11.2019

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Faced with a huge financial problem, how does the faith of a little child changes the situation?

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Queenebunoluelwa 30.08.2020, 23:53:55

truly children are closer to God's heart

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Marilyn Lucero 31.08.2020, 00:19:06

Queenebunoluelwa, Thank you so much for reading my son's story.

Perin Suaybaguio 20.07.2020, 06:51:44

Children are dear in the eyes of God.

Alda Alda 16.07.2020, 23:15:17

Indeed we have to have faith in God just like a little children ,Jesus said that the Kingdom of God belong to them , i have too a great history of faith of my little son of 5 years old who pray with us to be able to buy a home ,he was very specific with is description how he wanted to be and we as a parents just laugh about his childish prayer ,but God no , he made possible that not only for us to buy the appartament but to be exalty how my little boy had prayer to be.

Jessa Bensulan Meting 16.07.2020, 12:47:50

Please update

Febrielle Fate Gobi 13.07.2020, 14:06:26

'twas indeed good!

Shiza Naeem 19.05.2020, 02:37:03

Beautiful story

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Marilyn Lucero 19.05.2020, 13:43:13

Shiza Naeem, have you read his story when he went into surgery when he was 4 months old?

Godsway KUSHIATOR 15.01.2020, 15:48:07

Really blessed with this piece of work kuddos

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Marilyn Lucero 16.01.2020, 02:47:09

thank you so much. I have more other short stories where I am sure you would also be blessed.

Kayalicia 01.12.2019, 18:44:52

Such a lovely, uplifting story. The quiet strength of the boy lasts in the mind as you think on how his faith and acceptance changed his life, bringing grace to his family

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Marilyn Lucero 01.12.2019, 19:20:48

thank you so much for reading this. I hope this story would inspire many others who are in the brink of despair.

Roza Csergo 30.11.2019, 12:17:29

Beautiful inspirational story. ♥

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Marilyn Lucero 30.11.2019, 12:30:09

Roza Csergo, Thank you so much for reading. It makes me happy.

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