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Book. "When Bound Souls Meet (i)" read online

When Bound Souls Meet (i)

Ua Belle

Story about:romance and tragedy, werewolf finding mate, lesbianfantasy

42 1169

#300 in Romantic fantasy
#121 in LGBT

Complete 181 pages

Publication: 03.06.2022 — 05.10.2022

Description of book "When Bound Souls Meet (i)"

All Rubi Msasi had ever known was her cutthroat hunter of a father, a reclusive & indifferent mother, isolation, and a whole lot of forests. She, like her mother, was adaptive and just okay with what was handed to her by her father. She consciously made sure she never willingly strayed from the will of her father, the most ruthless supernatural hunter ever seen, feared and wanted by all.
All was as normal as she was used to, until her father made her the warden of her Alpha female soulmate in her father’s dungeon number two. A new world opened for her in dungeon number two; it is here that she meets her eternally bound soulmate, here that she experiences a life of tenderness, love, and care, and it is also here that she faces her life before Alpha Kito Sakai was her father’s prisoner.


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Aliyinza Polar
11.06.2022, 19:28:28

the new update z perfect and looking foward for the next. and by the way love the book

Ua Belle
11.06.2022, 21:56:46

Aliyinza Polar, Thank you so much. I honestly, honestly I appreciate it. Looking to share all the characters in my head, they want out.
Been working on the new chapters will update soon. I want to update the book with more chapters not just one.
Again, thanks for the support.

Aliyinza Polar
08.06.2022, 04:06:09

pliz update

Ua Belle
08.06.2022, 20:15:44

Aliyinza Polar, hi Aliyinza Polar, thanks for reading my story. I am currently working on it, stuck a bit but will update.

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