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Description of book "When Friends Fall"

The world has always been unfair but Sam falling for Dean is probably one of the most dramatic tricks ever.

A tomboy in her own right, Dean's crew accepts her in as one of their own but how can she stay when her mad crush on leader, Dean, is continuously torturing her as it grows over the years. His regulars, his favourite, his family and their crew are all a part of his daily life and frustrate her way more than she would even like to admit.

How is she supposed to be his main attraction when he's too busy seeing her as a to pay her any attention?


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Vanshika Verma
22.11.2020, 09:13:46 indeed did a fabulous job.....well the only thing that would make it much more perfect....will be your regular updates..

02.12.2020, 17:50:34

Vanshika Verma, That is pretty cool though.
Btw...what do you think of the new chapters???

Vanshika Verma
29.11.2020, 22:28:11

Comment has been deleted