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Ongoing: 30 Jul 102 pages

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So it is rightly said, everything doesn't occur precisely as it should be. You may have the best plans laid out but none of that will work without trust, certainty, destiny, and predetermination. Life can be just wonderful if treated with fairness and kindness. Therefore, do not take it for granted.
It requires truth, consideration, the right direction, and above all trust from inside to make everything justified, despite all the trouble, to make the life worth living. At times, your steering wheel is controlled by some unwanted tragedies of life, so chillax, breathe on and hope for the best, while you still can.
On this note, it’s time to begin with the first chapter….

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Barsha Das 21.07.2020, 18:35:06

its like the web series criminal justice

alan walker 21.07.2020, 10:42:54

Is this a patriotic book ?

alan walker 21.07.2020, 10:42:24

When will you update again?

alan walker 21.07.2020, 10:42:06

Amazing book ?????

VAISHALI SINGH 17.07.2020, 15:43:00

nice story is this the end of the story

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Unknowncrazydevil 17.07.2020, 16:55:20

VAISHALI SINGH, I started new one

Garima Bhatt 06.07.2020, 02:48:54

Actually the whole story is criminal injustice webseries from hotstar. Didn't expected this from you.

Garima Bhatt 06.07.2020, 02:33:49

It feels like the first episode of criminal injustice from hotstar

SOAM ABBAS 05.07.2020, 22:26:57


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Unknowncrazydevil 05.07.2020, 23:10:07


Niki Naila 29.06.2020, 22:18:29

neha i dont know y am feel u not write this story .your other stories show alotsss emotion with passionate n possesive words .but here u not show passion.....y?perhapes u written this story years ego ?

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Unknowncrazydevil 01.07.2020, 22:37:16

Niki Naila,

Linguistics Skills 01.07.2020, 07:31:24

Amazing amazing story really loved it I want more

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Unknowncrazydevil 01.07.2020, 08:15:08

Linguistics Skills,

unknown 29.06.2020, 20:16:26

Nice story... till end the mystery was there.... interesting story written by author...

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Unknowncrazydevil 29.06.2020, 23:59:03

unknown, thank you for all the love and support

Dark and crazy love 29.06.2020, 18:41:21

first chapter is same as criminal justice web series in hindi

Aisha Beevi M 29.06.2020, 17:04:41


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Unknowncrazydevil 29.06.2020, 18:30:20

Aisha Beevi M, shukriya

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