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Willingly: Her Version

Hiraya Cross

Story about:possessive man, loving woman, love in relationship

Age restriction: 18+

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#231 in Contemporary Romance
#59 in New Adult & College

Complete 41 pages

Publication: 26.04.2021 — 26.04.2021

Description of book "Willingly: Her Version"

Audrey Swanson wouldn’t have thought she’d be interested in his kind of guy. People change. Their preferences change. Their choices change. It is a matter of learning new things and your perspective on various matters could change.
She initially thought she’d prefer outspoken guys who know what they want and who act to get what they want. She’s so done with that kind of guy. She finds herself liking the opposite. A quiet, reliable man who lets a woman take the reins.


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Ruth Dionisio
18.01.2022, 08:31:49

this is the second book you wrote I am reading for the first time. i like your writing style ...the first book i read is "Memories..."..

Alda Alda
22.07.2021, 02:04:21

just another great book from you , i really enjoyed reading it

Ginny Pestano
02.06.2021, 02:57:26

Loved reading your book. Thanks,author.

Hiraya Cross
02.06.2021, 04:32:51

Ginny Pestano, Thank you :)

06.05.2021, 22:09:47

Love the concept ❤❤ waiting to read audrey's journey.Please update more. I'm new in this website would love to grow some audience plus support my fellow Authors. Let's Follow each other. Hope to get positive reply soon. TIA?

Hiraya Cross
07.05.2021, 02:22:38

fariaeity, Thank you. :) You have my support. Keep writing.

Hiraya Cross
04.05.2021, 10:20:02

Just want to let you know that there's HIS VERSION as well. Check out my page for it. Thanks. :) Have fun reading.

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