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With all of my Black Little Heart

Asterin Blake

Story about:starcrossed lovers, dark romace, fantasy romance

Age restriction: 18+

75 456

#455 in Romantic fantasy
#299 in Paranormal Romance

Complete 126 pages

Publication: 07.04.2021 — 03.05.2021

Description of book "With all of my Black Little Heart"

Morgen is running from Hell, where she is to marry a fallen angel and become demon royalty. Unless she can outrun him until the end of Halloween which is 3 months away.

She plans to hide in plain sight, but everything changes when she meets Seth - the human with a shadowed soul.

They are enthralled in a hot, steamy romance and in doing so Morgen grows into something she never could have predicted.

Will her past catch up with her and rip away what she truly cannot loose? And what will she give to protect it?


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Cleo bella
12.04.2021, 16:14:28

Come across this book on fb yesterday and Glad to see that is free. Have been in search of a book to keep me active during my leisure time and here I found this romantic story.

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:17:18

Cleo bella, Thanks for reading!

Seth Great
12.04.2021, 16:10:17

This is awesome dude.

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:17:16

Seth Great, Thanks for reading!

Roselle Wealth
11.04.2021, 20:28:43

Just went live!! And I found the book ads of "With all of my Black Little Heart" was pushed to read more base on the description about the book set in the ads. I'm still reading thou, but I must confess here in the comment that the book as gotten all my attention and I'm in love with it

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:17:11

Roselle Wealth, Thanks for reading!

11.04.2021, 03:56:12

not done reading

but its definitely what i will continue reading during my free time

really appreciate kagbemiode for directing me

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:17:06

gyutr, Thanks for reading!

mary oga
11.04.2021, 03:41:55


am so happy i was referred to this book


Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:16:58

mary oga, Thanks for reading!

Olusola Comfort
12.04.2021, 16:47:41

seriously, I love this book. I actually saw the advert on Facebook and thought it was a lie because I saw it was free but after getting here and reading it, I feel happy and I thank the author for not wasting my time here

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:16:45

Olusola Comfort, Thanks for reading!

Elena Bryant
12.04.2021, 16:53:15

all i just have to save is wonderful content and setup, i love this story especially because it base on romance. The author did not fail in this aspect

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:16:37

Elena Bryant, Thanks for reading!

Comfort Ajileye
12.04.2021, 16:57:48

i love this romance story and look forward to getting more from the author

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:16:26

Comfort Ajileye, Thanks for reading!

Emily Miras
12.04.2021, 17:37:24

outstanding story

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:16:20

Emily Miras, Thanks for reading!

Roselle Wealth
12.04.2021, 17:43:23

Lovely, fantastic , outstanding.... i stand for the author for wonderful work done.

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:16:15

Roselle Wealth, Thanks for the kind words! Thanks for reading!

Anabell Raphael
12.04.2021, 17:46:50

all i have to say is.....tank you awesome author for giving this outstanding romance content that keeps me busy during my leisure time.

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:15:58

Anabell Raphael, It's my pleasure! Thanks for reading!

Brian Clark
12.04.2021, 17:50:58

lovely content

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:15:47

Brian Clark, Thanks for reading!

william smith
13.04.2021, 10:19:41

All I need earlier is a book that could cool off my head and I came across this romantic story and Wao it work. I'm surely following up to read to the end

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:15:42

william smith, Thanks for reading!

Abdulraheem Aisha
15.04.2021, 02:51:21

just came across this link on facebook

oboyy this is intresting

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:15:34

Abdulraheem Aisha, Thanks for reading!

Tomas Daven
15.04.2021, 03:04:08

beat my expectations

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:15:21

Tomas Daven, Thanks! It gets better as you go on

Eliza pro
15.04.2021, 02:56:04

i love intresting books

is there a way to download it ?like a file or something

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:15:07

Eliza pro, Not currently as I am still finishing the book

Aisha Abdulraheem
15.04.2021, 02:53:15

is this book available on amazon?

Asterin Blake
15.04.2021, 11:14:48

Aisha Abdulraheem, Not yet no

Anne smart
09.04.2021, 21:17:38

Have fun! When it comes to romance, a sense of humor is always a good idea. This is such a sweet story. good luck to the readers

Nick Kingham
09.04.2021, 08:15:24

Looking forward to reading more. Witty and insightful. Can't wait to see what happens when Morgen makes it to uni.

Justus Harding
08.04.2021, 22:14:23

Unexpectedly funny and witty. Can't wait to read more

Stephen Ga
08.04.2021, 17:35:50

Trying to fit in as a human is really hard or maybe it isn't? I can not wait to read the rest of this book!

Asterin Blake
08.04.2021, 18:31:14

Stephen Ga, Happy you enjoyed it! Our heroes meet in the next chapter!

Stephen Ga
08.04.2021, 17:35:41

Comment has been deleted

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