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Publication: 21.02.2021 — 06.04.2021

Description of book "You and Me "

"Tell me the truth!"
"I can't! You'll hate me."
"I am this close to hating you for not telling me anything!"

May Dawson was a high school graduate who just moved into the small town Mazadora. A man by the name of Eros, appeared at her door one night, beaten up. She took care of him even as the connection they shared scared her with how fast it grew.

One day at work, May is attacked by people who call themselves supernatural bounty hunters. They want the heir to the Treryn throne, Prince of all dragons and supernaturals. She doesn't know what they are talking about until they mention his name.

It's Eros.

To keep her family safe, May goes on the run with Eros, learning about the supernatural world and the bond they share.


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Sally Louisa
21.12.2021, 13:05:11

Such a great story. Hi, I'm a talent scout from fast growing platform and I found that I have big interests to your story. Do you mind if I offer you something related to your work? You may find many benefits while you work with our platform, such as additional readers, additional profit and experience the better way to communicate with your audience. Please let me know if you're interested by leave me your email so we will send the detail of the offer. Thank you

Melissa N
27.12.2021, 13:52:45

Sally Louisa,
you can reach me there and super excited to work with your platform

Beautiful princess
07.04.2021, 06:51:03

Awesome!! I love ittt .. thanks for completing storyyy and making if free for us .. thank u so much author ❤

Re Joice
07.04.2021, 02:21:54

Awesome.. fantastic
U r d best... Love ya work

Melissa N
07.04.2021, 05:34:15

Re Joice, thanks so much for reading =)

Beautiful princess
06.04.2021, 19:38:40

Greatt!! Cant wait ... update soon author

Beautiful princess
04.04.2021, 12:35:23

Awesome .. the story is Fantastic .. cant wait to read more!!!

Beautiful princess
05.04.2021, 03:55:59

Melissa N, Cant waitttt!!!!

Re Joice
03.04.2021, 12:52:56

Superb....mind blowing

Melissa N
03.04.2021, 16:43:44

Re Joice, thank you

Re Joice
02.04.2021, 13:25:33

Have I told you I love you
U r d best... Can't wait for the next update
Madame melissa

Re Joice
02.04.2021, 15:54:05

Melissa N, Can't wait

Re Joice
26.03.2021, 16:38:15

Next update
Pretty please..... can't wait

Melissa N
26.03.2021, 19:38:41

Re Joice, lol. so happy to hear you like the book. i'm working on the next update and it should be coming soon.
thanks for reading and don't forget to like. =)

Olawunmi Adelekan
09.03.2021, 11:32:11

Pls can you update more......loving the story and the wait is killing me

Olawunmi Adelekan
09.03.2021, 22:54:05

Melissa N, ????thanks

Istoria Xander
02.03.2021, 23:46:13

I'm only on chapter 1 but - hey, that's a very good start, well done! I like your main character and you've done a good job throwing us straight into the action!
One little punctuation thing: when you have dialogue followed by a speech tag, there should be a comma before closing the quotation marks instead of a full stop. For example:
"I am going to school," Jane said.
This doesn't go for question marks and exclamation points.
Hope you don't take this as me being negative, just trying to be helpful. :)
I'll come back to read the rest when I have a chance. Happy writing!

Melissa N
03.03.2021, 15:34:32

Istoria Xander, thanks so much for the tip. i'll be sure to try to change. i just got so used to full stops and stuff but it also kinda depends on the english you use. i use british english and i heard now they put the quotations before the punctuation or something of the sort. i'm doing research on it. oh and thanks for reading.

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