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Publication: 25.05.2019 — 06.06.2021

Description of book "You Have Some of the Clues"

(Cursing warning: Nothing too bad but it's there!) I will try my best to update whenever I can.

Daisy Vulrow recently started looking into a missing persons case about her best friend, Emily Larnette. It's been two weeks since her disappearance and Daisy knows more about why Emily is missing than she told the police. Emily was getting crazy messages from someone calling themselves DM, she went to a bar to unwind but never made it back to their apartment.

The cops think she just up and ran away but Daisy knows that's absolute bullshit. Daisy is going to try her best to find Emily even if she gets hurt along the way. Will DM reveal who they are or is Emily going to die from Daisy not finding her in time?

Read to find out and please give me feedback on this short story, enjoy!


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Ginnie S Chua
18.03.2022, 16:05:21

Resolution was rather quick and easy.

Galena Ice
15.04.2022, 19:21:41

Ginnie S Chua, Yeah, I was kind of getting bored of writing this story and wanted to end it where it could have room to do more with later.

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