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You're So Beautiful


Story about:love, possessiveness, insecurities

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Ongoing: 20 Jan 50 pages

Publication: 29.11.2020 — ...

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Description of book "You're So Beautiful"

This story is about Jennie Cooper and Jack Lynn. These two are opposite poles. Everyone says that opposite attracts. Let's find out what will happen in this story??

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Mimmy 21.01.2021, 14:27:29

please update quickly

Shanaya 22.12.2020, 10:56:05

I love this book. It's best of all the college stories? I have read . Please update it quick if possible

Dream of books 16.12.2020, 05:37:31

i think you should make jack jealous on Hër with William so he can confess but she should not catxh easily

Secret writer 09.12.2020, 10:44:09

Please update the book writer.....please.....please....quickly, VERY NICE BOOK

Dream of books 04.12.2020, 15:09:09

please make Jennie thoughts hard to be in love with him and Jack should be begged for her love and so she hides her feelings

Dream of books 03.12.2020, 14:49:49

please update your story is amazing and beautiful waiting for your story update please update as soon as possible please

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