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"Can I borrow your face for Halloween?" I asked too. She laughed this time.

"Halloween? You're obviously just jealous of my flawless skin. I mean, check yourself out, you're so ugly I bet Medusa won't even look at you because she'll turn into stone" She flipped her hair.

"Ahhhhhh" the crowd hollered again... I ignored them as many put their balled fists in front of their mouths in a mocking gesture.

"Ha. I bet I could wipe off ninety percent of your beauty off with a wet towel." I fired back.
I am a total train wreck. After being expelled from my last school, the worst thing that could have followed was me being enrolled at Snowbird High.


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Priyadarshini Panigrahi
16.11.2020, 15:54:09

Please update it's getting so interesting...... I really love these kind of stories....... And reading the lines written about the story made me want more from it....... Soooo, plz plz plz update....... I think you have great writing...... As far as this..... So plz update..... I'M WAITING

Precious Kollinz
10.11.2020, 14:45:42

Am waiting

Reflects you
19.10.2020, 08:23:41


20.10.2020, 16:45:56

Reflects you, awww, thank you so much❤️❤️

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