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Win a trip to Portland, Oregon: Litnet launches a contest to grant three gifted writers a trip to the 2019 Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference.  Win a registration waiver, a return ticket to Portland, and accommodation during the days of the Conference! Three finalists will be chosen from all the participating novels and will be invited to attend AWP Bookfair in March.

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Ink and Ice (the Saiopia Duology, Book One)

Julianna Gabriel

For all their lives, best friends Peter and Azure have lived in a small Saiopian village. Their fates are entwined in strange ways, ways that neither of them knows - and it all spirals around Peter's secret. In Saiopia, those with magic live a complicated existence. And Peter has powerful magic ... more info

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Rating: 8

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Complete 148 pages


The Medium and the Biker


Micah is a 22 year old medium, which means she can talk to people that have passed over. she was abused by her Mum and Dad, so she moved from Ireland to America for a new beginning. Hayden (Shooter) is a small town biker part of the Chaos MC. He's protective of his family but stand offish to... more info

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Rating: 9

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Blank space


After a terrible break up, a ghastly accident, Ciara became a stranger to everyone. Including herself. She tries not to remember her past but it seems impossible. Her family moved away to a small town where they think is much more quiet and would help Ciara forget about her past and start a new li... more info

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Rating: 19

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On Hold: 05 Jun 109 pages


Into the Waves

E. K. Daniel

Katherine Martin and her older brother, Kyle, forged a close bond in their small ocean-side town. When Kyle passes away unexpectedly, Kat begins to uncover another tragic family secret. But the clues Kyle left behind lead to more questions than answers. Will she ever find the truth?... more info

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Rating: 4

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On Hold: 10 May 36 pages


Blood Moon (original version)


Following a family tragedy, 15-year-old Keegan Maverick's father moves him and his little sister Caylee to the town of Stormy Vale, into the families' ancestral home. Kensington Manor has stood vacant for 12 years, with a tragic, dark, and violent past. It's clear from the beginning, the Maverick's ... more info

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Rating: 66

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Bionic Luna


Not your average Alpha female. The small town of Wolf's Hill, population 5 000, welcomes a new resident. Unlike the rest of the townspeople, Shiloh Andrews is merely human. At least that's what the Alpha, Cameron Johnson, believes. Not only is Shiloh his mate, but she hides more secrets than Cameron... more info

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Rating: 7

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On Hold: 06 Mar 204 pages


What Went Missing!!!

Nicole Bristow 101

Nicole was an ordinary girl in a middle school who lived with her father in a small town after her mother died .one day Nicole went missing leaving her father and her two best friends in huge grief over her and for six years no body figured out how it happened until one rainy day a miracle happened ... more info

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Rating: 16

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Pain is bliss


Sirion Evangeline Tandacharry is a local school teacher who lives in the village of Canefield, East Canje, Berbice. She sets out on a harmless field trip with some friends from the local women’s training centre to Georgetown where her life ultimately takes a whirlwind turn. She meets the love of h... more info

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Rating: 6

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On Hold: 28 Feb 47 pages


Dangerous Love


Rosaline is a teenage girl living in a small town called Gravenville where crime is hidden and lots of mysteries were to be revealed. She is quiet, shy and a genius herself that doesn't consider being a popular girl because she never has the guts of being one. Even though she is too demure, Rosaline... more info

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Rating: 193

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Third in Command


Liana Williams is an Alpha daughter that was supposed to run a pack at hand until the merciless Alpha Nicolas came and killed hundreds of her people. Traumatized in what she had seen, Liana came up with an idea to seek revenge. She was welcomed in a pack in the small werewolf town called northern bo... more info

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Rating: 28

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Mr. Cobblepot

16 year old Graham Norris relocates to the small town of Wildthyme with mom and Autistic brother to escape his abusive stepdad. His grandmother, Ginerva is happy to take them in, but is harbouring secrets of her own. When Graham meets the enigmatic Erasmus, a door is opened up to a world that he nev... more info

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Rating: 22

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Kill Who You Want


What if it came to the starkest of all choices: kill, or else suffer the loss of a loved one? When a pregnant young woman is found brutally murdered in her kitchen, the husband claims to have some weeks earlier received an anonymous, darkly menacing letter... For the small town of Ravensby, it's j... more info

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Rating: 21

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The Mystery Girl and Insecure Boy

J.K. Morgan

For Lukas, girls approach him, talk to him, but they never succeed in getting with him. Even the prettiest girls have tried and failed. Everyone thinks he's playing hard to get but on the inside, he's insecure, like very insecure. On the other hand, the world has always been unfair to Bo. She ul... more info

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Rating: 91

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The Vale


The Factory Provides. In the all-male community of SunVale, Cole Anderson has an ordinary life, living with his brothers and father in a town surrounded by a high wall. The factory at the edge of town provides him with everything he needs. That is until a child is dropped on his doorstep, and he is... more info

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Rating: 11

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On Hold: 11 Feb 31 pages


The Art of Keeping a Secret


In the small town of Mud Creek, nothing ever happens. But when Ivy's twin sister Lily blackmails her to switch places for three weeks, she finds that her life is anything but simple. Ivy knew that fooling her sister's best friend and boyfriend would be hard enough, but she didn't count for one obsta... more info

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Rating: 6

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On Hold: 11 Feb 21 pages


On The Ledge


15 year-old Sam Robinson has it all. A cool girlfriend, nice family, expensive house with a pool, popularity at school. All of those things matter to him until the day he meets Bradley who turns his entire life upside down. Sam comes face to face with his greatest fears. The fear of not being accept... more info

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Rating: 13

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Big city girl Brooklyn is new to a small town, she disregards her high school classmates, and then just for her mom starts to form a bond with her two step brother's Logan and Blake. Meanwhile, she meets the heart throb David who lives across the street from her new home, and is faced with feelings ... more info

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Rating: 1

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On Hold: 08 Feb 82 pages


John, Mary And The Beautiful Forever


Windom is a small town in the middle of nowhere Montana, however it's the only life John has ever known. Born and raised in the tight-knit community, he expects to live and die in Windom. His mother works as a bank teller and his sister, Mary, spends her days watching the local insect population. Ho... more info

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Rating: 5

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On Hold: 28 Jan 71 pages



Ariadne Black

Small towns hold the most secrets, some more dangerous than others. What happens when people start to be murdered or others begin to go missing? The police don't know who or what is killing these people. Amy is just a 16 year old girl who even in her own home is a stranger,her father is gone and her... more info

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Rating: 17

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Who Would Have Thought

Olivia M. Mires

Meadowhills had always been a quiet little town, hours away from whales. That is until the murder. Who was it? The clues all seem to lead to the new hottie in town.... more info

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Rating: 1

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On Hold: 20 Jan 13 pages

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muthulakshmi G 31.05.2020, 09:17:44

Comment has been deleted

J-berry 10.12.2019, 12:07:00

I will start posting my first book here so please guys encourage me, thank you.

Keira 03.04.2019, 13:55:27

Here is a link to the winner's announcement

Thank you for participating.

Andrew admin 01.03.2019, 12:08:10

Hi everyone! The application is closed now. Later today moderators will publish a shortlist of potential finalists in the blogs on Litnet. Good luck!

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Nicole Bristow 101 22.03.2019, 11:39:02

Congrats on reaching the finalists, I have just known, I was really hoping you'd do it, I'm really happy for you , you totally deserve it

Keira 11.03.2019, 13:59:50

The list of finalists is up! Check it out

Keira 01.03.2019, 18:35:52

Here's a link to the shortlist in blogs

Nicole Bristow 101 28.02.2019, 08:13:02

it's my first book so can you tell me when i finish it, how to change the status from in progress to completed?
thanks in advance.

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Nicole Bristow 101 01.03.2019, 18:34:56

Thanks a lot , you too

Millyrics 01.03.2019, 10:39:35

Hi I submitted my book yesterday Feb 28 how will I know that you received it already?

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Millyrics 01.03.2019, 11:27:31

Andrew, thank you very much!

VictorianEra 01.03.2019, 02:19:38

For the email that we have to send, do we send it as "" or does it need to have a specific moderators name in the email?

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VictorianEra 01.03.2019, 03:03:48

VictorianEra, I've also noticed that my comment says I've commented this on March 1st, but where I am it is still currently February 28th. Does this mean I am disqualified?

AnnaRCase 28.02.2019, 18:40:40

Oh I'm sorry, it froze up and my comment posted like 20 times. I tried to remove the extras...

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Jessica Wright 28.02.2019, 20:39:19

Thanks! Real life is the worst

AnnaRCase 28.02.2019, 18:37:36

Hello. I was told I got an email from the moderator but I checked my inbox including my junk folder and I didn't get any email.

Jessica Wright 23.12.2018, 06:49:25

Will the winner get a trip for one person or two?

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Jessica Wright 27.02.2019, 19:54:48

Thanks! Is a book disqualified if it's published after the contest ends on March 1st?

Millyrics 26.02.2019, 14:26:54

Hi, may I ask when will be the last submission for completed books in the contest? thanks!

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Millyrics 27.02.2019, 17:16:43

Andrew, thank you so much!

Jessica Wright 23.02.2019, 17:16:24

If a work is published this month, is it disqualified?

The last comment in the thread:

Jessica Wright 26.02.2019, 02:12:41

Jessica Wright, What if it's announced as one of the top 3 and then it gets published?

VictorianEra 20.02.2019, 05:13:52

Hello. I have another question. I'm not sure if this is temporary, but when reading others or checking on my own story, I get a 502 bad gateway error. Is there was way to fix this? Thank you.

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VictorianEra 20.02.2019, 05:16:21

VictorianEra, Never mind! I resolved it.

VictorianEra 29.01.2019, 06:04:41

Hello. I have a small question. Would sharing a story on social media for people I know to read it be considered "publishing it on another platform?" Thus violating contest rules?

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VictorianEra 30.01.2019, 02:15:50

Keira, This does help, Thank you very much!

Nicole Bristow 101 15.01.2019, 21:32:52

Hi I'd like to ask something , you said in the rules that the minimum I can publish is 1500 but can I keep adding chapters after that before emailing the whole book ?

The last comment in the thread:

Keira 16.01.2019, 10:58:33

Nicole Bristow 101, 1500 words is a minimum amount of words required for a book to become a participant. You can and have to add more chapters before emailing the book because it has to be complete by March 1st.

Millyrics 14.01.2019, 00:01:29

I'm just wondering about no romantic suspense or romantic contemporary allowed I mean what that does mean? Is it like it is not allowed if the genre is suspense? or it is allowed if the book just circled around a small town story?

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Millyrics 15.01.2019, 05:29:41

Keira, oh I see thank you for clarifying :)

Nicole Bristow 101 11.01.2019, 13:55:20

Hi I want to ask two questions please
When is the dead line to email the full story and second , you said that no adolescent content is allowed but can I write about it without details ? Thanks alot

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Nicole Bristow 101 14.01.2019, 12:42:48

Keira, thanks a lot

Sandra Antwi 09.12.2018, 02:31:28

Please I'm in Ghana and can I partake in the competition?

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Sandra Antwi 29.12.2018, 21:16:05

Keira, Thanks dear but one last question... How do I get the link to the app so I share with my friends.

Sim Jay 08.12.2018, 15:25:44

Hi. I read on the website regulations that describing suicide and methods of commiting suicide is not allowed but if it's an important plot point in a story and it's supposed to show the points against committing suicide, is it okay to enter it into this contest? Also, are only completed novels accepted?

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Sim Jay 14.12.2018, 08:41:47

, Okay. Thank you!

Fatimazarah 10.12.2018, 22:12:39


Suman Bhardwaj 10.12.2018, 12:34:48

Hi, I have a question- does the annotation have to be of 1500 words?

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Suman Bhardwaj 10.12.2018, 21:33:45

Keira, thanks a lot :)

shivi garg 10.12.2018, 12:39:46

I want to know about language restrictions . Is it a compulsion for novel to be only in english ? Or sections may include other languages .

The last comment in the thread:

Keira 10.12.2018, 15:03:45

shivi garg, Hi, novels submitted for competition have to be in English entirely.

shivi garg 10.12.2018, 12:39:30

I want to know about language restrictions . Is it a compulsion for novel to be only in english ? Or sections may include other languages .

shivi garg 10.12.2018, 12:39:27

I want to know about language restrictions . Is it a compulsion for novel to be only in english ? Or sections may include other languages .

Shelby Lines 09.12.2018, 15:59:00

I would like to asked,will the book be still accepted if it's main genre is mystery or horror?

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Shelby Lines 10.12.2018, 10:21:34

Alright thanks

Wondercyy 09.12.2018, 14:35:09

Hi! Could 'small city' stories be eligible to participate in this contest?

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Wondercyy 09.12.2018, 19:09:23

Keira, Thank you. I did submit my work.

Fatimazarah 08.12.2018, 17:39:40

Can I put up more than a book for the contest?

The last comment in the thread:

Keira 09.12.2018, 18:43:01

Fatimazarah, Yes, you can submit up to three books.

Fatimazarah 06.12.2018, 13:44:25

How do I write my story here?

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Fatimazarah 07.12.2018, 19:19:29

Keira, tanx

Mercy 05.12.2018, 14:04:11

How do I register for the contest?

The last comment in the thread:

Keira 05.12.2018, 20:18:29

Mercy, To enter the contest you have to publish your book on Litnet and then submit it using this page.

pseudonymous 29.11.2018, 16:20:21

What are the criteria for this contest?

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The last comment in the thread:

Keira 05.12.2018, 20:17:21

pseudonymous, There isn't a pointing system; the juries will look at the book's overall quality and popularity on Litnet.

Geeta Outar Sirjoo 02.12.2018, 13:55:21

Is the contest open to everyone or only the US?

The last comment in the thread:

Andrew admin 02.12.2018, 20:17:36

Geeta Outar Sirjoo, It is open to everyone :)

Isabelle hatcher 02.12.2018, 13:20:45

Hi!! What is this contest about ??? And is this eligible for indian citizens also.

The last comment in the thread:

Andrew admin 02.12.2018, 20:16:16

Archita Kumar, You can read more about the contest by pressing the link Competition rules near the Contest annotation.
The citizenship of the participant doesn't matter.

Arul KC 30.11.2018, 18:47:06

Hi..Is it open for international participants? Is it limited to existing small towns In US? Can i write about a small town from other countries like Malaysia or fictional town?

The last comment in the thread:

Keira 30.11.2018, 22:35:54

Arul KC, Hi, you can write about any small towns, real or imaginary:)

Shilpa 30.11.2018, 15:53:32

When's the last date?

The last comment in the thread:

Keira 30.11.2018, 17:16:04

Shilpa, Hi! Submissions will close on the 1st of March, 2019. But you can start by publishing as little as 1500 words of your novel and gradually finish it before March.:)

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