A hunter's diary


-Hunter! - Scoffed the old man trying to free himself from the ropes used to tie him down on the floor of an old cellar - I trusted you!!!. – his eyes full of rage tried to intimidate the boy but it was not working.

- That's why i told you to never trust anybody. - the blonde young boy chuckled and squatted to flick his forehead. - Besides you should have thought about it when you killed that boy. You’d have to pay sooner or later.

Police sirens started to be heard on the distance. Hyuk stood up and dusted his pants.

- well, I got to go, I don’t like to take the credit for someone else job ... Even though I did it - he kept smiling as if he was telling a joke - see ya!

- you damn bastard! Let me go! - the man struggled even more but all he got were brushes on his face as he watched the back of the boy leaving the old building surrounded by the sound of the sirens.

 The cops made their appearance in the scene after five minutes but all they found was the man tied down in the middle of the cellar.

Hyuk threw himself on the couch in the living room drying his hair with a towel. He stared at the ceiling for a few seconds and then roamed the whole apartment. He was the illegitimate son of well-known prosecutor so he never acknowledged his existence until his mom died and Hyuk had to threaten him with telling the press.

- this is so boring - he walked to the kitchen to make a sandwich and used the remote to turn the TV on the news; they were talking about the suspect he caught today. As always they didn’t mention the fact that he captured him.

Like every 16 year old teenager, he switched the TV channel to a movie, when it was over he played videogames. "This could be funnier if I had friends and maybe a girlfriend" -he thought - wait! What are you thinking, Han San Hyuk!?"

After a few hours playing he grew tired and anxious and threw the control aside.

He put on a hoodie and headed out for a night run, more like a .morning run since it was around d 3 in the morning. He closed the door behind him and stared to the apartment next door, it had always been empty. Sometimes he liked to imagine it was haunted.

- Maybe a ghost will appear ... - he smiled.

He walked to the river and started jogging and was about to turn up the music on his iPod when a faint noise caught his attention, he sharpened his senses and the noise appeared this time was louder. It was a girl screaming for help. Hyuk roamed the area trying to find her but the low level of light made it even harder, the girl kept screaming for a few seconds before she completely muted. Hyuk then started to panic and sprinted looking from side to side until he saw a body floating on the river side.

- hey! - he finally shouted as he ran towards her but before going down the road he looked a group of three guys getting away from there. He decides to let them go and take care of the girl first because it looked like she was dead.

When he reached to her she was facing the ground so he slowly turned the body upside. The first thing he noticed was the bluish purple marks in her face indicating she had been beaten up several times. Then he proceeded to take her pulse: it was faint but at least she was alive. The second thing he noticed was that she was wearing an all girls high school uniform and the third one was that it was torn to pieces, he deduced the worst. 

He took his phone out decided to call the police but stopped before pressing the last button. 

- If I call the cops, that'd make me the principal suspect. And that guy- referred to his dad-is so righteous he is capable of send me to jail.  

He continued his analysis of the situation for a couple of seconds before he got a conclusion. He clicked his tongue in disapprove. He could either leave her alone like he never saw her or two: take care of the problem by himself

- Whatever…- he sighed and lifted the unconscious girl in his arms being quite careful as if she was a fragile piece of glass

He had a hard time climbing up to the road and walking home without being noticed by the people going out of clubs but he finally made it. He used his leg to kick the door behind him. He placed her on the largest sofa and contemplated her status. She didn’t have a backpack, purse or high school ID nor a phone with her. All he could do was waiting until she wakes up.

Once he confirmed that she hadn’t had any broken bone and her pulse stabilized, Hyuk started to clean up his face with a clean wet towel and applied medicine for the brushes, he removed her light brown hair from her face and when he was finished he realized something he had been neglecting: her uniform was soaked and covered in mud. He hesitated more than necessary then headed to his room to get his largest shirt and pajama but when he came back he hesitated again.

- I can do this! – he chugged and proceeded to unbutton the only two buttons that were left in her wasted jacket. After that he removed it and started to unbutton the white blouse, it had a few buttons untouched while everything else was ripped off. He gulped as he slipped it down on her shoulders to let her only wearing her bra, Hyuk immediately turned his gaze away and put the shirt on her.

Now was time for the last and most difficult part: the skirt. Without noticing his hands were shaking from nervous but still managed to find their way to the back of her waist to unzip the skirt and pull it down as he averted his eyes to clean up her legs with a clean towel. He tried not to think too much about the soft skin that touched the palm of his hand from time to time until he had to clean her thighs

- This is too much! – he thought and didn’t dare to finish or put the pants on her so he just covered with a blanket to keep her warm.


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