Bionic Luna

Chapter 1

The first days of summer had arrived over the small town of Wolf’s Hill, Montana. Children were running around, glad that school was finally over and no teacher could tell them that homework came before fun. The elders of Wolf’s Hill were preparing for an annual event called the Howl Festival, which to the human community of Bozeman, Montana, the largest city closest to Wolf’s Hill, meant a large barbecue to celebrate nature and all the wonders it contained. To the community of Wolf’s Hill, however, that day was a celebration of the Moon Goddess, who watched over all the wolves in the world. It was customary that on that day, all unmated wolves would gather around in the forest in hopes of finding their other half.

This year was no different.

In the wee hours of that day, a large convoy arrived at the town’s border. The mayor, Alexander Johnson, former Alpha of the Wolf’s Hill Pack, was already informed that a new resident would come to live among them. Unlike everyone else in town, the person, Shiloh Andrews, of whom he knew almost nothing other than the name and that they bought a large parcel of land near Wolf’s Hill to build a factory, was a human. If Andrews would have been a wolf, they would have known that in order to be allowed residency on pack land, they needed to ask permission from the current alpha, his son, Cameron Johnson. Of course, there was always the possibility that the person was a rogue in search for a pack or even a turned werewolf who didn’t know much about werewolf culture, other than what you could find on the internet, which meant, they didn’t know much of anything.

In order to keep the town mostly human-free, most former alphas took on the position of mayor to run the town like any other human community, while leaving the real lead to the new Alpha. Alexander was no exception. He loved his pack and was glad to be able to still help them, albeit with less responsibilities on his shoulders. Most of his pack members went out into the world, got college degrees and came back to improve life in their community. Humans usually avoided the wolf town not because they knew about werewolves, because they didn’t, but more for the rather secluded location.

A large part of Wolf’s Hill was open to the public, so to speak, but there was a restricted area where the warriors of the pack would train and teach new recruits. Those areas were off limits to the pack, mostly for safety reasons, but also to avoid nosy humans from finding out about the werewolf world. That, though, was a rather unlikely scenario since both Cameron and Alexander knew everything that was going on, without exception.

If anyone would have walked through the forest at 3 a.m., they would have been more than just stunned to see what was going on at the new factory. No one in town really knew what the factory was supposed to produce or if it even had employees, since no one started recruiting personnel. It seemed weird to the Alpha and the Mayor of the small community, but they figured that perhaps the owner wanted to set things up first before starting interviewing people for possible jobs. Sure, everyone in Wolf’s Hill had a job, but that was mostly pack related. It wouldn’t hurt an extra set of income.

The loud buzzing noise of gears and unusual machines rang through the night, piercing its calm with deafening screeches and squeaks as the convoy, and forgive the lack of a better word, transformed into a house. If anyone would have watched the scene unfold, they would have either thought it was some kind of magic trick or maybe they were too drunk for their brains to process the information before them correctly. Either way, it was otherworldly. Thankfully, no one did see the peculiar sight happening behind the new factory, shielded by the white structure from prying eyes.

As soon as the sci-fi house was finished building itself, a strange noise, a cross between an airplane engine and a large, furious stream of a mountain river, was heard. However, if anyone would have been there, they wouldn’t have seen a thing until it was over. The sound got louder and within a blink of an eye, a massive aircraft, like nothing known to mankind, materialized out of thin air. An eerie bluish light lit up the ground beneath it, as it descended slowly. It smoothly landed on the lawn right in front of the newly build house. The engine quieted down as soon as the aircraft touched the ground, only to be replaced by the hissing sound of a cargo bay door opening at the back of the craft, making it look as if it was alien, and perhaps it was. One single figure emerged from inside the odd-shaped metal aircraft. The figure was wearing what appeared to be a special flight suit that, believe it or not, looked more like a space suit from a science fiction movie. Maybe, it was indeed an alien.

Stepping outside of its craft, the figure pressed a button on its left wrist, closing up the aircraft and cloaking it so that no one could see it sitting there, beckoning conspiracy theorists to post on their blogs about yet another alien sighting. How wrong they would be to consider it alien!

Walking awkwardly towards the new house in the middle of the forest, the figure pressed another button on its suit, making the protective gear pull itself off of the person wearing it and compressing itself into a cube sitting in the grass right next to the owner’s feet. The person picked it up, and walked leisurely into the house. A few hours of sleep would be necessary for the person to face the challenges of the day that was rapidly chasing the night away.



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