Season 1🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Episode 1




I turned again, I couldn't hear him right or guess someone tell me he didn't just made a damn joke of me.

I could hear his word playing in my head. Did he just use the word crazy.

Yes, he did. And I would show him what crazy felt like, the crowd was waiting for a show.

Their screams echoed give them what they want, right? I took a few steps back smiling. Some might has described me as a coward, leaving already. But no, not me.


I pulled back my hand, pushing it forward. A straight blow it was, on his soft chin. That alone sent him off. Falling to the hard ground.

I didn't wanna quit. Not there, not done with the douchebag. Diving on him, giving him some elbow blows.

"Come on, say it again?"

He could only groan in pain which I wanted, his nose had began to bleed but I showed no mercy.

Until I felt someone pulling me off. With all his might.

"That's it. That's enough Lora, come on let's get outta here."

I spat on the screwed bloody face, looking at him with much disgust. The crowd hailing me already, adjusting my hand from Simon's grip. I walked away.

I could see him running out of the bar, tryna catch up with me.

"Wait up, come on."

He yelled, again he was by side. I opened the door to the car, going in. Waiting for him to join me, I adjusted the mirror, yeah I looked good for tonight's business.

"Belt's on, we gotta deliver quick."

"I hear you, but you pulled a show out there Lora."

"Did you see what he did? He deserves it."

"You never change."

His last comment, he looked away. I geared the engine, starting the car. I drove off.

🐜🐜Simon Larry 🐜🐜

We were there, at the uncompleted factory, the place we were to meet the mighty Lord Gadas.

We could see his men. Safeguarding the arena, two patrolling with long guns, wrapped across their necks.

"We are here."

Lora informed, which I knew of, as we both jolted out of the car. She was with the shit while I walked beside her.

We were close to the gate, as we were guilded in by one of the armed patrollers.

He did his hand search on us before he let us go further, he was satisfied. Leading us from behind.

I took a look at Lora, she seem not scared at all. She has been doing this shit and kept it going for a long time.

Unlike me, I was a bit nervous. I started thinking about all sort like he doesn't get to be satisfied by our offer or a double cross takes place.

I have heard about this bad ass guy for a while, and trust me when I say he's death itself. There was a armed guy guiding the entrance in.

He opened up, without further delay. Getting us in as we were still led by the same patroller, it looked like it.

Where some drug deal would be taking place. Aside that, his face couldn't been seen except his back head.

And the cigar he was holding, stuffing it in and out of his mouth. He swiveled the chair around. We could see him, I saw him. One of his eyes wore a patch. His black cowboy hat fully seated around his grey bald head.

"Welcome, my people. What do I own this pleasure."

Suddenly he pointed the gun at me, scarring the whole shit out of me. I have started becoming sweaty.

"Everything you need. It's in here."

Lora said, maybe tryna save my God damn ass.

She went further, placing it on the table in front of Lord Gadas. He withdrew the gun, 

"Ah-ha Relax boy. I was only joking, open it."

He commanded, Lora did as he said slowly then she stepped aside after it was half opened.

"Sigue siendo el mismo precio ".

I could understand what she had said, *still the same price* He nodded, smiling.

She opened it fully, quickly. He whistled at the sight of the awesome shit. Signalling one of his men to take it away which he did.

"Well, well. Let's just say I'm satisfied but no pay. Kill them."

That was an order, coming from him. He stood up, leaving for the door. Whistling, and now we both gonna die.


My Maurians.
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Are they gonna make it out alive.

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