Falling For Mafia King

chapter 1


PRIYA , Friday 6:00 pm

Hi my name is Priya .I was born in India but as far I remember my England has always been my home . I used to live here both my parents . My dad is a renowned business man and my mom is basically his right hand . My grandparents own 37 jewelry shops 2 pharmaceutical companies, 15 hospitals , 45 schools back in India my uncle has expanded their business with 43 jewellery shops 3 pharmaceutical companies and 20 hospitals in past 15 years . In my family we are in all 7 kids Im the only girl and the youngest too so I'm the most protected and most loved in our family . I was given the freedom to choose my career and my path . I chosed to be a doctor because that's something I always wanted to be . The art of medicine mesmerized me and the more I read about it the more I fell in love human structure and it's studies . I ll be starting my residency in 9 months I gave my USMLE last month and I passed successfully . I study in heildernberg University Germany Im staying in this new appartment from past 6 months with my bestfriend Mia ( She is 26 getting her PhD in maths ) we have been living together for 4 years here in Germany with her grandmother ( who unfortunately passed away a year before it was difficult for Mia to moveon cause granny Alice was her only family so we shifted near my school) Mia knows she everything about me she is closest person I have as a big sister . She has a boyfriend Paul who stays back in London but the are together every weekend since last 3 years they are in love with eachother since 2015 and then Paul move to London but they have maintained their relationship well. 

My parents asked me to come to India or let's say forced me to . It's navratri 
But they promised I have to stay there for a week only I agreed since my parents never really ask for anything from me and I missed my dadu and my big family so I decided to be there not like I had a choice . Mom asked Mia to tag along so even she decided to come with me .

So here I am on a 9 hr flight to india . little did I know this so called trip is gonna change my life .




ALEXANDER , Saturday 4:00 pm

"Sir this is the file you asked... and sir your mother asked me to remind you about that vacation in india your jet will be ready by 6pm and she will directly meet you at the airport "  sachi [my assistant] told me . " okay , sachi check all these files and then give it to Jack  by tommorow and since I"ll be gone for the week send me all  important emails and if there is business emergency don't call me , ask Mr Kharma to handle it "  I took the file from her hand and started walking towards Jacks office . 

" Jack its time."  thats it thats all i have to tell him and he knows what i mean . Jack Gambetti, my right hand my bestfriend , my brother he is one of the very few people who know the truth about me .For normal people I'm a 27 yearold billionaire but the truth doesnt last till there there is still a lot about me that no one knows . My great grand dad started our gang back in 1890's from that till now BALLA BE BRENDA is one of the leading in crimes but no one knows its origin or source . I am the next bethrode by the end of this year . we have conquered the whole european and most of asian mafia business and we are aiming for an ally with Indian mafia which is currently ruled by Arjun Shah . I don't know him on personal level but my dad is his dad they are university friend . they both studied from london business school . Currently Arjuns parents and his sister are in london while he handles business in usa and india . Family vaccation is an excuse but the real reason of me going there is to meet him and officialise our ally . Our grandads have decided and already made a contract the condition and we are going to meet them and read the will . 

So here I am on my jet for my family (business) trip o india ....



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