From Slave to Ruler

The Reincarnation

"I'm late, I'm so late!" In stress murmurs Aaron James as he hurries across the parking lot near his apartment building.

Sprinting to the point where he started having trouble breathing, if he slips now he could even suffer some injuries.

Falling against the concentrate covered with snow beneath his feet isn't to take lightly.

I suppose he needs to work out more, he isn't quite in shape to run through this patch of snow at such speed.

He woke up just a few minutes ago, that could be taken as a good alternative example to why his body is practically overheating in negative temperatures apart from being out of shape.

As a graduate in Economics, being a straight A student he was offered 3 Jobs before he actually graduated.

Which made him feel even better for all the hard work he put in and gave him more hope.

There were a lot of rumours about double standards when it comes to finding a good job, but hard work seems to have paid off better than he expected it. 

He started the car, didn't even waste a second putting it in gear and took off with a drift. This is his first day on the job, which is why it is even more embarrassing if he showed up there very late, it would show big unprofessionalism even though it was just sheer misfortune.

He is basically an hour late due to his charger having a malfunction and even causing a few sparks from the looks of it, he could see a small dark spot near the Charger's head. It fried his phone, which cut every chance of the alarm ringing.

His Workplace is about 10km away and he feels like if he drives very fast, he can be there in 5 to 10 minutes or 15 at max.

But driving above 160km/h in the cold days of December is no doubt suicidal and should be avoided completely.

No authority recommends it and the fee if caught speeding, especially now, is great as well. Even Jail is possible if one has a criminal record or other speeding tickets following them.

But the authorities are right to begin with in this case. Taking a light right turn was all his car required for disaster to follow.

First the front wheels failed to turn the rest of the car towards the desired direction.

In a split second he got a theory of what is happening here, he has started sliding on ice at over 160km/h.

Violently hitting the brakes, praying to god to stop this car too, his job became of less value out of a sudden.

The attempt to stop the car however has been proven pale!

Because seconds after, he met himself with the wall of another building.

The car was forced to explode along with Aaron James, almost in the same second when it met the wall. 

With his body lying on the sidewalk 30 feet away from the accident, having no feeling in his arms and legs whatsoever.

To make it worse, he can only see with one eye. Not having the strength to even move his neck, all he could wait for is death to end his misery. 


"Move you pathetic wild boars!" Yelled a man standing over a 6 foot tall boulder.

Dressed in black to the point where even his face is covered with a black mask, making it impossible to know who this person is for these Victims. His identity being hidden made it all the more terrifying.

One other thing that separated this man over the boulder from the rest, is his cold low tone making everyone around him portray him as a lifeless human, as if torment doesn't bother him.

His tone is filled with rage, yet it's thick but lifeless.

These Victims though, all are portraying an image of slaves. 

Aaron is under the same boulder where that man dressed in black is standing, believing what he's seeing is hard to comprehend.

How did he [Aaron] get here and why would god send him at such a destination filled with unnecessary suffering?

"Am I in hell?" He asks himself while feeling a sensation of pain on his back likely caused by a whip, likely caused  by one of these Slavers.

But he understood that he ain't in hell when beams of sunlight struck on his face once in a while as the slaves were running helplessly,  close to him.

He doesn't feel pain anywhere else, he doesn't have any broken bones or bruises so how could the person he seemingly incarnated too, have died?

If he died due to tripping and being trembled by the few hundreds of slaves, the situation would be worse. Aaron here wouldn't even be able to move and die, again in this new body!

But when he felt how dry his mouth is, his one and only theory if he really incarnated here, would be dehydration.

These people seemed to have been transferred here in ships, locked in a large cage in the storage area. At least Aaron got a flash memory about that.

Whoever brought them here, most likely didn't give a damn if these people were fed or hydrated. So the former body owner likely collapsed when dehydration merged with physical abuse.

"Move Bastards, move!" Yelled another man dressed exactly the same as the first man standing over the boulder, cracking a whip.

Then the other followed, then the other. Counting up to 20 people dressed exactly the same, carrying whips except these are working more.

"By the 3 Gods, these people have such a bad stench!" Said one of 20 as he stopped near the guy on the boulder, watching the other 19 continuing to chase the Slaves with whips cracking.

Not willing to reply to what this man just said, the Whipper over the boulder starts another topic. "I couldn't give a damn about the men, they are almost worthless but be sure to not hit any of the ladies who are from their late teens to late twenties.

His tone being muffled by the panicking masses, the screaming slaves, the Whipper waits a bit before continuing. "They are worth 4 gold coins each! My salary is 4 gold coins so you can assume how much they are worth."

Tad hidden near the boulder, hearing about such an act, Aaron couldn't help but getting angrier by the passing second. Trying to build up his strength and attack actually!

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