Hellfire's Captive


Everything happened according to her thinking. According to what she thought she would be able to sleep in peace. 

This time there was no ghost or dark shadow in her dream. She was feeling relaxed and was more comfortable this time. Her bed sheet was silkier than silk. She did not find it any less than a phantasmagoria. In the realization of the sinking of her body in silk, she felt as if someone was glaring at her. It was glaring at her in such a way that it will burn her to ashes and then she suddenly opened her eyes. 

With a deep breath she scanned the place around her. 

It's not my room, she thought, augmenting her eyes. 

That room was very big. Like a royal room in a palace. The bed on which she was sitting with trepidation was very big and soft. The bed sheet was as silky as she felt in the dream. 

I spent my whole night sleeping on it? She gulped down her lump.

The roof of the room was very high as the door of that room was. The room was coccineous but dark. There was no window in that big and large room. There was not a single light on all the four walls. It was like a medieval castle's room. 

But where am I? 

Thinking that, she climbed off her bed and walked towards the door while handling her palpitating body in timidity. 

She tried to open the door in an inclination to get out of there, but the door did not open because the door of that room was locked. She had such appalling two nights that she was pusillanimous to go close to anyone and now her morning was going like this. It wasn't less than a dream, an irrelevant dream. 

She gets up from there and goes towards the door and tries to open it by knocking it comfortably, but no one has answered her. 

"Please open the door," she started pummeling in anger. 

No response.

"I said open the door!" She vociferate vehemently, "open it! I know you can hear me!" She said hammering hard.

"Are you deaf?" She yelled again but soon moved back after getting no response. 

Taking steps back, she was anathematizing the person. 

"Listen whoever you are, I'll kill myself if you won't open," with that, she walked towards the table next to her bed. There were many fruits in a bowl on that table with a knife. A metal jug filled with water and glass near it. 

Getting no response again, she picked up that knife and shouted again, "it's the last time I'm telling you!"

She was right. The door opened with no sound and she saw three ladies in black silky simple dresses entering inside that room. 

"Who— who are you?" Mia asked with her shuddering tone.

"We are your maids, My Lady," one of them said cordially

"I'm Shang," a maid introduced herself.

"I'm Mileva," another one introduced.

"I'm Aki," last one said but Mia just neglected them. She was incandescent  this time on the person who took her here. 

"My maids?" She muttered and all of them walked towards her.

"Stay away from me," Mia said while moving back but they all just continued walking.

"Can't you hear what I said?" 

They paused at their point and bowed down their heads, "we do My Lady. But His Highness gave us strict orders to not to let you go, My Lady," one of them elucidated. 

Mia corrugated her eyebrows at them.

"I want to go now, right now! Understand? He is nobody to stop me!" She yelled.

They all replied nothing. 

Getting no response again, she sighed.   "I'm leaving," with that she took her step to leave but all of them stood in her way, "we can't let you go My Lady."

"What the hell! Just get out of my way!" She yelled again. 

"We apologise, My Lady," they respond. 

Mia neglected them all and walked towards the door but they all again tried to stop her. Mia was functioning her brain for a plan but soon her gaze stopped at her own hand which was holding the knife. 

"I— I'll," she raised her hand, "I'll kill myself," she browbeaten them.

"No, My Lady," all reacted in unison.

"Then let me go," Mia demanded.

They all looked at each other perturbed. 

"Please My Lady, don't do this," Aki said.

"I just want to leave or I'll," she placed the edge on her wrist to terrorize them more.

"My Lady, please try to understand. We can't do this. His Highness doesn't want you to leave," Mileva said.

His Highness, His Highness, His Highness. Who the hell is this His Highness! Mia thought while fisting in repugnance.

"I don't care about that chowderhead nincompoop. I just want to go and if you won't let me go then I don't even regret ending myself," she jeopardized them again.

"No My Lady. Don't even speak this," Aki said.


Edited: 17.04.2021

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