Her hidden powers

Why they hate me

Hi everyone i am Anna Malik its my first book so I hope you like it 😊 and enjoy reading it  . I started writing it in school with the help of my one frind (miss YAFTALI). It may have lots of mistakes (grammar, spelling, etc..)so sorry 😞 for that  . 







((I am not gonna start like once upon a time tere was a girl and blablabla .... , cause I am writing about my self  ...)) Eda ! Eda ! Come for dinner tomorrow is your first day of school 😏 , coming mom ,can you  stop shouting ! Will you please !?
As I wanted to write my mom or I must say step mother called me .I went down my father hadn't arrived from office so I waited for him , as he arrived i greeted him <<  welcome,dad >> he gave me a glance full of anger and irritation , then told me (( pack up your belongings , you are going to school's dorm tomorrow )) .After dinner I  went  straight to my room to pack my things when the pair of daughter and mother appeared.as for me I am Eda Clark  the adopted daughter of Clarks and their heiress .My grandpa adopted me and died when I was 4 years old, in his will he transferred 80% of his shares into my name .he was the Head of our clan so as its written in his will I am going to be the their head when I turn 18but I am 17 now there is 3 months left to my 18th birthday . my adoptive parents ,Tom Clark my step father,  Issabella Clark my so called step mother and at last  my step sister Elsa Clark that is 1 year a
Smaller than me . They don't like me specially tom clark ,cause he thinks he is the rightful of being heir of the clan .so they keep me with the hate in their hearts and smile in there faces so does their daughter. I only have one friend her name is Eles Clark my step cusion,  her all family is very nice to me cause her father doesn't have any eye in my shares ,he started doing business in a very young age and now he is very successful.The started throwing my belongings on floor by saying they were helping me pack . Finally they left but i was still in a daze looking at my clothes and books on the floor , I wanted to cry but there were no tears in my eyes but hate . I hated them , ihated my parents that left me .but I needed to be strong at least for my grandpa ,at least for himI was going to teach these jerks a good lesson .I was always thinking why me ? Why everything has to happen to me ? Why me ......
I don't know when I fall asleep but as I woke up it was already 4:00 am . I took shower and dressed in a black short jeans with black sleevless t-shirt and an open white shirt with my small black backpack and black heels . My father knocked in my room and told servents to put my bags on car and drive me to school but before I leave elsa and her mother centered the room with wide smiles on their faces as they couldn't be more happy than now . Elsa said smirkingly ((finally this room will be back to its rightful owner)) with a proud tone .cause my room was the biggest and the best room withthe mountains view gaven to me by grandpa.I turned to her and said ((yeah cause the best things are always used  first by the miesstress of house  and then given to servents to use , so you can have it ))I smirked and left the room .
I was on my way to car but I could still Elsa's screaming and breaking everything in room. I sat in passenger seat silently while my father  was sitting in backseat, his driver was in holiday so he went by my car , in the rest of way we drove silently .as reached there was a big board [[ RICHARDS INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL  🏫 ]] written on it . As We entered it was a big building with a big garden , it was mysteriously beautiful.  I strightly went to my dorm room started unpacking my staff when I heard Else's , I turned and saw her behind me with big bags in her hands , i was shocked yet happy ,she said ((it was really hard convincing my parents to let me stay at dorm )).she was in this school but she hated the dorm ,she came here because of me so it made me feel kind of guilty.

Eda cim

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