His love


"How's that little cut on your foot?" He asked and as on cue my foot which got cut by glass hurt a little. Ouch. He didn't have to remind me about. Wait a minute. How does he know I cut myself when it literally happened after he jumped out of the window? 


I was about to voice my confusion when I noticed a big brown patch on the left side of his shirt.


“You're hurt," I stated.


“Aren’t you as well? Plus was that your biggest concern?” He said sarcastically with an edge of surprise in his voice.


“What else should I be concerned of?” Even though I had now pointed the scalpel down at the ground, my fingers were still clutching it dearly.


“What if I say, it's not my blood?” He said with a smirk, his eyebrow arched upwards playfully.


“Then whose blood is it?” I was surprised at how my voice didn't display at all of how much terrified I was.


He chuckled and my heart skipped a beat.

Just wow- my body has no understanding of the danger it was in at the moment to react like that.

I held my breath as he lifted his right hand and brought it towards my face. He placed a few strands of my hair, from in front of my face to behind my ear, where it was supposed to be.


His crimson eyes were still locked with my hazel ones as my heart was beating furiously in my rib cage. Was it out of terror or something else? was what I couldn't figure out.


“I'm dangerous." He said. His crimson eyes which looked like an endless abyss, confirmed his words.


There was a period of silence bwteen us as I stared at his eyes mesmerized, and before I could move, his entire body collapsed on to my shoulders motionlessly, his eyes closed. 


Neppi Sue

Edited: 02.03.2021

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