I can hold you tighter

It's unexpected

I woke up at 7am

Its really hard to be as a doctor..... Man but i love it..hahha i'm family doctor of uncle mickel


I am getting a  call from uncle mickel is he sick again

Uncle:- hello mona , how you doing?

I'm good uncle what'sup???

Uncle: i have a small request

Ohh tell me uncle 

Uncle : my friend' son jay is sick , he needs some body check up

Okay uncle tell me his address

Uncle:its that villa near pvr theater

Ohh okay uncle i will  get there bye.

Today i dont have any plans 

Uncle assinged me a small work  i am on that way

I reached the villa

I am going to knock the door 

Knock knock...!

Oh someone is coming out

Hello jay..??

He rushed from the house and pulled me in

I'm shocked and he started to search for some thing and  touched all over  my body 

He is a stranger how dare he..?

I shouted hey stop what' s going on but he was in a rush  and i pushed him away

I'm so scared

I don' t think this place is safe 

And bursting out with anger 

Jay: do you have a button camera

Mona: shut up 

Mona : why would a doctor carries a camera?? 

Jay: i'm sorry are u the person send by uncle mickel??

Mona :yeah...! (shouted with frustation)

Mona: whats wrong with you this how you behave with girls

Jay: no no its a mistake, i thought you were a journalist

Mona: what ....? Journalist...?

Jay :yeah

Mona: why would a journalist comes to your house??

Jay: i'm a ceo of  a smart phone company recently to promote this myself i participated in a advertisment and it gain lot off popularity and this journalist are roaming to capture my daily life style but i am not interested and  to make it work they were using button cameras and coming to my house  so i mistoken u as journalist

Mona :i dont understand what  shit he is talking about may be he is covering up his mistakes stupid guy

Mona:i just came here because uncle mickel requested mee too if not i am not ready to deal with all this stupidity

Jay: i'm sorry  please take a seat

Mona : okay  tell me whats your problem 

Jay : i got some allegery over my abdomen

Mona : can i have some look 

Jay : okay wait i will remove my shirt

Mona: okay please

Jay: yeah i removed my shirt please have a look 

Mona : yes it a allergy  caused by  fungs please apply this oinment  and take this tablets once a day as per my prescrption 

Jay : okay  thanks 

Mona : please don't use same towels with your family members  and don' t  wear tight clothes too okay....???

Jay :   no one to share with i' m the only one leaving in this villi 

Mona : ohhh can I have some water please??

Jay: sure wait a Minute

He brought some water  while holding water spillled over my clothes i thought he would take it as an advantage and gonna touch my body again  but he didn,t he just ran away after two mintues he brought. New towel and  gave   it to me to wipe it my self i felt somewhat okay with that and i can trust him what ever reason he said it may be true but 50% of heart is not accepting because this stupid guy don' t even how to behave with girls....ughh 

Mona : okay its time to goo

Jay: is there any check up after a week

Mona:i' m gonna think about it bye

And i left his vilaa and came out and waiting for a taxi







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