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The sky was splashed with an array of colours of orange as the sun was almost setting. A black classic sedan came to a screeching stop in front of the company entrance and an angry impatient man got out of the driver's seat. He entered the building as the security guard greeted him. He entered the elevator and pressed for the top floor. He impatiently watched as the numbers shifted as he crossed every floor. 

The entire company was on leave today as it was a special day. The elevator notified the arrival of his destined floor and he got of. He urgently walked ahead and banged the large doors open. Behind those large doors was the office of the CEO and it was surely designed to his style, Simple and elegant. The CEO was seated comfortably in his leather chair behind his big desk going through the file before him. 

The CEO didn't look up from his file even though he heard the big bang of the door. The impatient and furious individual walked up to his desk and banged his hands on them. The CEO finally looked up with a bored look on his handsome face, 'What?' he asked, like he didn't know why he was here, 'What? You really asking me that!!' the person yelled at him. 

The CEO maintained his careless expression, 'Look at the time, you should be there right now getting ready but no, you are working here.' The CEO didn't change his expression as he stared at the man dressed in a grey sherwani, 'Even if you are not interested in this, at least have little respect and emotion for others feelings.' he scolded. 

The CEO finally nodded his head and closed his file. He got up and buttoned his suit. He moved from behind his desk, walking past the angry young man, towards the doors, 'Where are you going?' he questioned the CEO. The CEO didn't turn back but looked at the watch on his wrist and spoke, 'It is 6pm right now, the ceremony starts at 7pm. If we leave now...' he looks at the angry man and continues, 'I think I'll be able to reach to My wedding on time.' he turns around and walks out the doors. 


She nervously moves her hand over her gown as she stared at the floor length mirror before her. She was dressed in a blush pink gown that had golden leaf patterned embroidery on the top half while the bottom was stitched with a border of gold embroidery as well but of flowers and veins. The middle part and her 3/4 sleeves were shimmering glitter. A blush pink dupatta was folded over her shoulder and her make up was natural with hints of pink. Her best friend had done her make up and it was upto her style. 

A white shiny maang teeka grazed her forehead from under her light blush pink turban that covered her hair. Her face was grazed with a beautiful nose ring and it's chain ended under her turban. Her earrings where sparkling white along with her white choker necklace. The bangles enhanced her wrists and a semi golden maizar hid her turban. In short, the bride looked beautiful. 

The door to the brides room opened and her father walked in. Her dad had not seen her in her bridal dress yet and she was feeling extra anxious. She took a deep breath and turned around, showcasing her beautiful toothy smile. Tears grazed her father's eyes as he looked at his daughter. He walked over to her and looked at her from top to bottom. He placed his loving palm on her cheek and spoke, 'My beautiful daughter is getting married today.' Her eyes also were wet by now but she held it in. 

Her mother came to stand beside her husband with her already wet cheeks, 'Be a good girl. Don't be your naughty self, only your family can handle it.' her mother said making her let out a light laugh, 'Nope, not even her family can handle that.' she heard her elder brother say who was standing behind their mother. She glared at him and he just smiled at her. Suddenly, she felt arms circling around her waist. She looked down to see her little sister pouting at her, 'Why do you have to leave? I am not letting you go.' her sister said.

She pulled her back and bent to her level, 'I am not going far. And I'll be visiting so often, it won't feel like I left at all, okay?' she assured her sister with her gentle voice. Her sister nodded but maintained her pout, 'It's time for the ceremony.' her brother reminded. She got up and straightened her dress. She nodded her head and the whole family left the room. 


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