King Of My Heart!


She was famous, big time, and a package artist singer songwriter. People says that she have everything, she can do anything. But when she's alone, she wished something. Something that everyone don't know that she want it.

She wanted to be a Normal. Goin' to mall without cameras following at her. Partying without an eye on her. Doing anything without ruining her reputation. She just wanted to be a normal again, Like he always wish on 12 Am in the midnight.

But one thing she didn't know, Wishes are meant to be come true.

A/N: Want you to all know that there's a lot of changes between the characters life. So if they have an Boyfriend or Wives now, that won't not be included to this fanfic. This is a story about Taylor Swift and Westlife only. And well, i can't helped to ship them cause I'm a both fan so i hope you enjoy this Mysterious Story about them.


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Story about: taylor swift, westlife

Edited: 05.06.2019

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