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There is a question that has been bothering me for several years. To say how it sounds would be very simple. For several years now I have been trying to find an answer that will calm my doubts and close the mystery of this question. It turns out that I am not the first person who is concerned about this question, and I am unlikely to find the first person in history who asked it. There are a number of characters in history who tried to explain the answer to the question that worries me so much.

        In the first rows there were prophets, in the second, philosophers, in the third, and probably the most modern, creators of psychoanalysis, which spawned into dozens of branches, in order to explain to me the answer to the question that I am so puzzled by from different angles.

        It all started in my youth. A person is young when he has many plans for the future. All my plans for the future can be described in two words: "To be successful".

        And a movie is shown on TV, where the hero saves the world. In appearance, it is modest, inconspicuous, and full of super power. And they praise Albert Einstein, he is a genius and the smartest, at least it seems so. I know everything I want to be, a genius who will save the world. I want to laugh at the delirium of the goal. But over time it happened. I am writing a line in this book to save the world. And I have a plan.


It all started with birth. Cell to cell, organ to organ, and the organism appeared. Like all newborns, being in a new organism, I asked myself the question: "Do I really exist? Am I really alive?". The sense organs allowed me to feel the world around me, I was reflected in reality as in a mirror. Like all other newborns. We memorized the sensations of our body in contact with the surrounding world, reflected again and again in reality, proving to ourselves that we exist, that we are alive. The care of loved ones, their love, allowed me to survive, grow up, learn to think, speak, and move the question, am I really alive? , deep into the subconscious.

And now, having already been educated, knowing a lot of words and numbers, putting on a smart face, I asked myself: "Andrei, what is the meaning of life? Find the answer, be cool." And then for more than a year, I explored the world, observed people, deduced common patterns, read books, watched various programs, thought hard, getting closer to the edge of the answer that I discovered at birth. In contact with the world, I discover that I am alive. But that was not enough, it was necessary to just be alive...

I said that there is a question that has worried me for a long time, and most of you are puzzled by it. And so attention, a matter of choice. When a person has realized the elements of life, the question arises: "How to live?", what path to choose?, what values to be guided by?, what to strive for?, what to give up?, who to be in this world?. Speaking in a language that is understandable for the masses, and for me, the question: "How to live?" sounds: "What goals should I set for myself in life?". But how to set goals without understanding where they will actually lead, without understanding the reality that surrounds us.


If we talk about reality, we must immediately warn that there are two of them. The first is important and it concerns the world, and it acts according to world laws and regularities, we are reflected in it and confirm that we exist, that we are alive. The second reality is not important for the world, but it is very important for us personally, it is our individual reality - it is what we have made up our minds there, it is how we see this world. In order to live life successfully, it is necessary that the goals we set for ourselves should be realized in real reality on the first try, and even faster. And that's not all, it's just the surface...

Think: who sets us goals?, who brought us into this world?, who do we trust?, who was always by our side? So these are our loved ones, mom, dad, TV. Everything that loved ones support, recognize, admire, praise us for, and most importantly, demand from us, forms our worldview. And they don't need to talk, we will understand everything anyway, or rather understood, because we are already adults if we are reading this. This is all the initial motivation, it will either be confirmed or simplified. Reality will put everything in its place.

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Edited: 07.10.2022

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