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Meeting with Aliens Or The Aliens Around Us

Dream 1. Signs visible to ordinary citizens, or how to recognise an Alien in a crowd

The action takes place in Montreal, Canada, a place well-known to our older generation of hockey fans. It’s mid-February, when the city is still buried in snow and everyone is waiting for spring.
I’m always suffering from vitamin deficiency by the spring, and it was either this or the Valentine’s Day celebrations that made me suddenly start noticing things to which I (and most regular people) had previously attributed little significance.
Aliens (I’ll call them that for now—I don’t know exactly where they come from) are not outwardly different from ordinary people. Among them you’ll see representatives of a wide variety of races and nationalities, and people of different sexes and very different ages.
Their aim is to make an ordinary person display ineptitude across a broad range. They achieve this through the use of hypnosis and various psychological tricks. It works like a charm on people who succumb easily to stress, or are morally weak or afraid of making any kind of mistake (such as being late). The Aliens’ initial aim is to make you feel dissatisfied with yourself, guilty, embarrassed, ashamed, and fearful for yourself and your loved ones.
Aliens have a suite of psychological tricks that ordinary people can see and hear: coughing, nose-blowing, irritating clicks, scratching, yawning, clothes, gait, crutches, loud screeches made by cars, unpleasant smells, facial expressions, gestures, limping, and other things that attract people’s attention and prod them into making bad decisions.
They also trade on one of the fundamentals of human nature—the impulse to be like everyone else. For example, if you see an Alien start talking on the phone, you’ll feel drawn to making a call. If an Alien starts eating, hunger quickly sets in. The sight of an Alien drinking brings on thirst. If the crowd turns left, you’ll turn left with it, even though you need to go right.
It’s the urge to conform that’s driving you—not to mention hypnosis.
Their interim goal is to confuse. This is very easy to do when you’re going somewhere for the first time. All that’s needed is a quick change of street signs or to hypnotise the bus driver and have him make a slight detour. If you’re unfamiliar with the area you’ll be totally confused, especially in winter when everything is covered with snow and there are no clear landmarks.
Even worse, it looks as if you’ve made all these mistakes yourself.
Aliens use what appears to be a set of coincidences, and the uninitiated have no idea what’s really going on.
At the same time, the half-life of all these influences is short, and since Aliens are very reluctant to be flushed out into the open, it is possible calmly to stay on top of everything—no matter how hard they fight against you—by having 20-30 minutes spare, keeping your cool, and knowing all their tricks. This is also a good time to mention that they step up their activity at weekends, especially in the mornings. Probably because people are more closely monitored during the working week.
Be aware, too, that representatives of this offshoot of humanity are forever trying to overtake you. They do this so that you adopt their pace, which they then gradually drop, trying to slow you down, if only a little. This way you usually lose exactly the time you can’t afford to lose, and your bus pulls away right in front of your nose. Another reason they try to get past you is the electromagnetic radiation from your body (especially your eyes). They effortlessly lock onto it and pass it to others of their kind. These in turn send out electromagnetic pulses, which, if they hit you, cause sharp pain.
Read more about the electromagnetic capabilities of this other branch of humanity in the next dream.

English translation © Richard Coombes


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