Met His Match


This is a love story. 

"Two hearts. One full of emotions, dedicated to find the one of her dreams. She wants to make her life, a typical fairy tale. On the other side is a famous 'player', the bad boy of the college. Will fate be able to mend them?" 

This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to real story is totally coincidental. Thank you. 

Note : This story is recommended for teenagers that are 15 or 15+. Not that mature content, but a little bit. You can imagine the maturity, when I'm 15 myself. 





"I love you" 

"You- what?" I exclaimed with the most shocked expression anyone could ever give. 

"You heard it.. Didn't you?" he asked me still with that vulnerability in his eyes.

"I.. Yes, I did, I-I'm just shocked.."

"Wasn't it obvious?"

"No.. Never!" I said.

"Now, is it?" he said and took three steps towards me. I looked at him with shock at his words.

He.. Really?


"You know I can't stand a no right now"

"Am I obliged to say.. yes?"

"You know, I.. I don't mean that. Its up to you... yes, it is up to you!"

"No" I said. "I reply in a no then, I don't love you, and I will NEVER EVER love you!" I said and that's when he broke down.

I know my words were heart breaking, I know I should've been easy on him, even when I hate him, but that's just.. those were the only words I could think of. 

He cried. For the first time, I saw him crying out and this time, he didn't hide his emotions. His dark brown eyes were filled with tears for the first time. Before I could act upon the guilt I was feeling, He let them flow, and with that took out a gun and shot himself near his heart. 



Author's Note.

This story takes place in the college. It is like the love story of any college student, except of the fact, that it is a 'novel' where a magic known as 'love' happens.
It is made in the sense that it closely resembles the college life. You must've noticed one strange thing : he had a gun.

It's not unusual, read on the story to know how, why, and what happened.

Happy reading!❤️! 

Pinu Ag

Edited: 18.10.2020

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