Mr Billionaire wants me

The meeting

Precious POV

Coming to New York has always been my dream. Now I'm here, I can't believe it. It's even more beautiful than I thought. I looked around waiting for a taxi to take me to the hostel me and my best friend will be staying at.

Oh how rude of me, let me introduce myself, my name is precious Ifeoluwa Dare. Yes, I'm a Nigerian, I'm 22yrs old and I'm here for my masters degree in food process and packing. Sweet right 
I'm short, brown skinned with long hair.

I'm snapped out of my reverie when my phone rings. Looking at the caller ID, I groan. My mom's name flashed on the screen. 
Sighing I picked the call and keep walking "hello Mommy"

"Precious, how are you?, have you landed yet?, how's the place?, how's Funke?" my mom keeps throwing questions, aaah mother's

Rolling my eyes "I'm fine mommy, yes I have landed and no I'm still waiting for a cab" sheesh she never wants to leave me alone. I mean come on

"Okay then dear, call me when you settle down, bye" I roll my eyes again. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom but she is a handful. I see someone coming looking at his phone and I try to maneuver him.

"okay Mom, ..." Before I could finish my call, I suddenly bump into the person after trying to go through the other way. I'm left shocked. How the hell did he still hit me. "Aaaah, my arm" I squeal out. My arm is drenched in hot coffee and it hurts. I look at the guy that bumped me and he's telling me too watch where I'm going.

Angry no furious, I stomp to where he his and stand in front of him. Gasping,. Oh my, he's hot, like a Greek god. Snapping out of it, I whisper yell at him " Hey buddy, where do you think you’re going after pouring hot coffee on me without so much as an apology. Who does that? Now look at my arm" I show him my arm which has already started showing signs of 2nd degree burn

Looking back at him, I notice he's just staring at me "listen, you should have watched where you were going. Now if you'll excuse me, I have important things to do" his voice is deep but dreamy, but his face is emotionless.

Aaahh he's all this rich arrogant guy’s right, well look buddy you got another thing coming. He's about to leave when I call him back" hey buddy" 
He looks at me confused when he saw me coming towards him. Standing in front of him, he doesn't see it coming as I land a sweet slap on his face. Yeesh my hand, is his face made of stone. Uuh, "thats what you get for pouring coffee on me without saying sorry" I say harshly but I'm left confused when he's looking at me. Wait is he amused?

"Aaargh, arrogant brat" I mumble and turn to leave. When I hear Abbey call me back. That's right his nickname is Abbey... Arrogant but beautiful eyes. Yes I love his electric blue eyes

Turning my back, I look at him" Yes" I answer him sharply but he's still looking at me with that amused expression and I'm left shocked by his next words

"I'm sorry" woow was that Soo hard, why am I feeling gidy inside, aah I have to go but my arm hurts. Great, how am I supposed to carry my suitcase now. Still in my own world I hear his finger snapping in front of my eyes. I look up at him angry oh he has been talking

"What were you saying" I answer annoyed and he sighs

"I said let me take you to the hospital, it's clear your arms burning and it's gonna start peeling off" oooh that's what he's saying wait is he bipolar or something

"Are you bipolar" he's shocked by my words

"Anyway I'm not going anywhere with you" I say almost turning my back to him

"But your arm" he insists still looking at my face.... Aawn so dreamy. Wait what.

Snapping out of it, this guy's doing something to me and I don't like it

"I'll put some disinfectant on it" I turn to leave but he calls again

"What" I yell angry, why won't he just let me leave

"I insist, the hospital is just a few blocks away. Come on let me take you, I'll pay the bills" I think about it and it's true, my arm's gonna start to peel off and it's still a long way before I get home. Before I can even decide, he grabs my second arm and pulls me towards the car and tells me to enter.

Groaning, I enter the car, hating this helpless situation. He enters the car and starts driving. We sit in silence until he decides to break it. "What's your name" he asked while I keep blowing air in my arm to get the pain to lessen so I don't answer him

"I said I'm sorry, my names Ethan, Ethan white. You must have heard of me" he said with pride. Scoffing I look at him

"Ooh I have heard of arrogant guys like you" he looks surprised at my words, maybe because I don't know him. Who is he anyway, it's not like it's a big deal

We soon reach the hospital and he opens the door for me. Mumbling a thanks I step out of the car and we walk into the enormous hospital.

Reaching the front desk, the receptionist looks surprised but why 
"Mr White, good afternoon what can we do for you" the lady asks ignoring me. How does she know him

"I'll like Dr Resnic to come take a look at my friends arm" Ethan tells her and she quickly calls the Dr. He's beside us under a minute. Hooww...

" Aaha Mr White, to what do I owe this visit" the blond doctor asks

"My friend here needs her injury cleaned and wrapped" friend, did he just call me friend.

I follow the doctor to a room where I saw bandages, disinfectant etc. The doctor looks at the hand

"Hmm, it's definitely a second degree burn. Nothing a little disinfectant can't fix" the doctor said as he puts something like an oil on it and wraps it up with bandages
Great, my first day in new York and I end up in a hospital, wonderful, note the sarcasm

In no time I'm ready to go but he doesn't pay "hey aren't we gonna pay" the receptionist laugh and I glare at her

"No need, I own the hospital" he shrugs as if it nothing. I'm left dumbfounded. He owns a freaking hospital


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