Must Date the playboy


Seven years ago

"I hate mom and dad. Andrei plucked off a leaf. I don't hate mom and dad. He plucked off another.

A knock sounded on the door of his hospital room which made him frown. He'd told his nurses that he didn't want visitors especially if those said visitors were his parents.

The door opened and his doctor Jean Anne Lowan poked her head inside then smiled when she saw him awake.

"Can I come in Your Highness?". She asked.

"Yes." Andrei nodded. He sat up in his bed and dropped the flower he'd been torturing under his pillow. Doctor Lowan was the only person he could tolerate and always wished she was his mother instead of..that other woman.

Jean Anne opened the door wider but didn't step inside as she turned back to look at whoever was outside.

"Come in Anna. He won't bite." Anne encouraged.

Andrei's brows furrowed as he wondered who she was talking to but his inner questions were answered when a girl walked into the room looking all shy and very beautiful. He had to catch his breath because if there was another word for beautiful;it should be used for her.

She was dressed in a white long sleeved shirt and blue overalls and she had on matching sandals.

Jean Anne closed the door and propelled Anna forward but she stopped a few feet from the bed.

"Anna I want you to meet Prince Andrei Sebastiani..Andrei meet my daughter Jean Anna."

"Hi." She waved shyly.

"Hi." He breathed. He stared at her beautiful face and was lost in her eyes that was shielded by her black rimmed glasses. 

He knew then that he'd found the one even though he was only ten.


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