My Doom, My Proviso

Chapter 1

Note: (The names of the staff are fictional. If there is anyone who can name them in real life, it is not intentional. Thank you!)



"My friend, can you just become a model? You will learn it too. I am pretry sure you will be a famous one." Jasmine said as she faced the computer.



"You know I am allergic to modeling! No way! I am happy with my job." I answer her once and get myself busy again.




I am Anastacia "Tasya" Manzano. Twenty-eight years of age. Designer. Single. Yes, single as in no boyfriend. Not in a relationship.




"I hope Gabriel does not show up again. He is stressful! "I held my head at the same time.




"Just wish he will not show up! Why did he not apply as your body guard and be with you 24/7?" Jazmine still laughed.



"You two are laughing out loud" Suddenly our boss came.



He is Patrick!




"Friend, are you mad at that?" I immediately asked him.




Yes,  the three of us are good friends. Tasya, Jazmine and Patrick.



"It is annoying! I am not part of your laughter?" He seems to be upset.



"Do not join us. You do not like our topic. It is about Gabriel! ”Jazmine replied.



"Oh yeah! I hate talking about that guy. It is three o'clock, let us eat first. "Patrick changed the subject.



"It is really nice to have a boss who is your friend. You are already making money and enjoying yourself at the same time!" I held my hand on Patrick's hand.



"Suck!" Pat laughed at the same time.







The three of us laughed together.  It is true! So I take on my job because I super enjoy it. I met Jasmine and Patrick when I was in college. Patrick is a rich guy. He has a modeling agency. And because I have a phobia of being a model, he never forced me to do so. Even if I am qualified. 



So I became his Designer. I make almost 70% of the clothing designs that Patrick's model wears.



The three of us are hardly separated anymore. It is like we are real siblings. I am lucky to have two friends like them.



"Thanks for bringing me home!" When Patrick drove me home after work.




"Gosh! I do not seem to be delivering you every day. Here! Give it to Grandma Nida and Robby. "He handed over the paper bag with food inside.



"You know, if you are not a  homophile, I might think you like me!" I was joking with him.



"I really want you. If I have a woman to marry, it is just you. Then it is fuzzy. You, you still love your first love. I love my brother-in-law. "He sighed.



"Wow! The luck of those men! They just did not value us!" I tapped his shoulder.




Patrick is so handsome. But a member of the LGBT community. He likes guys too. True! He is gay. But he still dress up like a real man. He is an ideal boyfriend any lady would want to have. 



We are both completely orphaned. He has a sister living abroad. I have a younger brother, Robby. Grandma Nida takes care of us.  She is Mommy's mother.



Dad was a lawyer when he was still alive. Mom was a Nurse then. They went to the province. They boarded a ship. Unfortunately, the ship they were on sank. I was still in high school when that incident happened.



Innocent yet I opened my eyes in the misery of the world. I never thought losing them would be miserable.








"I want to that girl to become a model!" A woman pointed at  me as I performed on the stage of our school.




After I performed, she talked to me immediately. She introduced herself to me and said she had a modeling agency. She said she wanted to take me as a model. Then she introduced her son to me. He is so handsome. He looks like a celebrity.



He inherited from his mom who is also very beautiful. He is a senior at the school. Since then we have become close. Until he flirted with me. And I answered him right away. Because I feel like he will complete my life.



I fell inlove so early. I do not know! Maybe love is ageless. When you feel it you cannot resist.




And maybe I am looking for affection from others since I lost my parents early that time.




"How are you related to Atty. Robert Manzano?" Aunt Marian asked me one day.




I agreed to be a model of her at a young age. This would help me earn money for a living. This will also give me more acquiantances.



 "He is my dad!" My kind answer.



She knows that her son and I are getting along well. But since she found out about my father, she has changed. She became cold to me.



She told me that I was too young to have a relationship with her son. She separated us. She brought her son to America.




I love him.  And I know he loves me too even though we are just kids. He is the sweetest guy I have ever known. He is the most generous and most patient guy next to my dad.  



It was a love like Romeo and Juliet. It was a love like oil and water. He disappeared from my life too fast. Until we totally lost communication as well.




Tinati Neezee

Edited: 23.06.2021

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