My last wish is “you”

Chapter 01 (I Don't regret)

Stephanie pov

Sitting beside the window,  having my favourite coffee and enjoying the nature outside, that's how I start my day. And this moment is my favourite moment of the whole day cause when I sit here and look outside I can see every type of people. Some are smiling, some are crying,  some are playing, some are in deep thought and some are waiting for their bus. This is the most beautiful view that I can enjoy everyday! But I Don't know for how longer I can enjoy this. I have a weak heart and I'm  gonna die in 3 months if I don't have a heart transplant. At worse my heart might stop at this moment, right here! It's like a time bomd which is tickling and soon gonna burst!
But I Don't regret!!
I Won't regret if I die now, cause every wish I had it come true, every dream I saw it become reality, everything I wanted to do I have already done it! 
But except one thing! And It's to fall in love.
Still Don't regret!  
I Won't regret If I die... 

Where is Ariana? It's been already half and hour! Why is she so late?
I should call her' I said in my mind and look for my mobile in my bag but its nowhere to find. I guess I left it at my home!
I look around. I saw a boy in the next table playing with his mobile. I went to him.
"Excuse me" I called him and he looked at me 
"Can I make a quick call with your phone?" I asked "I have forget my phone at home" I added
"Sure, you can" He answered and give his phone to me!
I took the mobile and was dialing Ariana's number.
'What was her number?' I asked myself.
When I finally remember her number after 20 second I dialed it and 'what the hell! Why her number is saved in his mobile? Is he her new boyfriend?' I said in my mind.
I called her and in after 3 ring she answered 
"Yes, Aaron, what happen?" Ariana asked from the other side. So his name is Aaron
"Dude its me, Steph" I said
"Steph? Why do you have Aaron's mobile?" she asked
"I forget my mobile at home so I took his mobile to call you and surprisingly he have your number" I said before she could say anything I asked her "why are you so late? I have been waiting for half and hour" 
"Sorry, I was staying at my boyfriend's house, I'll be there in 20 minutes" she said
"Okay, Don't make anymore" I said and cut the call.
I gave the mobile to the boy! And out of curiosity I asked him "you know Ariana?" I asked 
"Ari? yeah I know she is my little sister!" he answered "but why do you ask?"
"The girl I was calling is her so I saw she was in your contract number" I explain.
"Then you must be my sister's bestfriend Steph?" he asked
"Yeah, I'm Stephanie Hazel" I introduced myself
"Hi I'm Aaron, Aaron Daxon" he replied "I heard about you from her" he added
"It's nice to meet you" I said
"Me too" he replied then there was a awkward silence between us so I decided to leave the table
"Then.... I'll let you do whatever you were doing!" I said "have a nice day" I added 
"Okay then, bye" he replied and I went to my table. 

After waiting for another half hour finally Ari come!!
"I thought you wouldn’t come" I said with sarcasm 
"Sorry dude, I Couldn't sleep last night so I couldn’t wake up at time" she explain 
"Are you indirectly tell me ❝you are single❞?" I said
"Aren’t you?" she teased
"Shut up, you bitch" I claim 
"By the way how come you know my brother?" she asked 
"I Don't know him, I forget my phone at home so I asked him to give his mobile to make a call so when I dailed your number it was already saved!" I explain 
"Oww" she reacted "so by which name he saved my number?" she asked and I know very well why she asked it
"Trouble maker" I replied 
"What? I'm trouble maker? He is the trouble maker!" she complain. 

"Are you guys talking about me?" Aaron said from behind
"Yeah! Any problem?" Ari asked back. 
Aaron took a sit beside her "yes" he replied 
"Why are sitting here?" Ari asked "Go to your sit" she command 
"At the last moment my friend cancel the meeting" he said and looked at me "can I join you guys?" he asked me
"No you can't" Ari replied immediately but he ignored her and still looking at me for a replied
"Yes, you can" I said out of formality 
"Why did you save my number by trouble maker?" she asked Aaron
"Where were you last night?" Aaron asked her ignoring the question she asked and Ari who was behaving like a tiger become a cat.
"If you were staying at Ed's (Edward- Ariana's boyfriend) house, at least you should have told me beforehand" Aaron said to Ari "You know how much I had to gone though to make a perfect lie to mom dad?" he added 
"So Did they fell for it?" Ari asked
"Of course they have!" he said "after all I'm their favourite Child" he added
"Sorry bro" she said to Aaron
"Do you think sorry is enough?" he said with a grin
"Tell me what you want?" Ari offered 
"The brand new wireless earphone" he said 
"Okay done!!" she replied 

"Guys I'm also here!" I said out of bored ness "After waiting for 1 hour for you now I have been ignored for more 15 minutes" I claim 
"Sorry, sorry,  sorry" Ari apologised "tell me what you wanna do?" she asked. 
Apart from my family,  she is the one who knows about my illness and all those months she was there for me like a glue. Even if for a 2 minutes she would come to meet me everyday. When I was fulfilling my bucket list she was there to accompany me!!
"Today!.... I Don't really want to do anything" I said "I'm just here to enjoy the weather" I added 
"So?.... Are going back home?" Ari asked
"Not really, I'm going to comic house, gonna spend my morning there and gonna look for some idea for my new story" I answered. I Don't have a job cause my mom dad Doesn't want me to have one so I write story. I'm signed with a agency but I dont really have to go there, It's just I have to send stories time to time. It's been almost a month but I dont have any idea what should I write for my next story.
"Then I Won't disturb you" Ari suggested 
"Okay then, bye sweetheart" I said "have a nice day" I added and left 

A phone call wake me up from my sleep. It was already evening. 
I answered the call. It was Ari.
"Hello!" I said
"Hey! What are you doing?" she asked me
"I was sleeping, your call wake me up!" I replied 
"Oh I called you cause today my mom dad are not at home so how about 'we party' at my home?" she asked 
"It’s sounds good, let me Just ask my mom and let you know" I replied
"Okay then" she said "bye babes" She added
"Okay bye" I replied and cut the call. 

I went to Ari's home at 8:00 p.m
I knock on the door and Ari open the door..
"Welcome sweetheart" she welcomed me
"Thank you" I said "My mom baked some cookies for you" I added and handed over the cookie jar to her.
"Thanks auntie on behalf of me" she replied. When I entered the living room I saw Aaron and Edward was sitting on the sofa "Didn’t you say it was just 'we'?" I asked to Ari
"Sorry, I forget to mention Aaron and Eddie was also invited in our 'we party'!!" Ari replied while avoiding eye contract with me. 

3 hours ago Ariana's pov

I went to Aaron's room. And knock on the door.
"Come in" he said from inside
I went inside "bro you want some coffee?" I asked 
"Why? What happen?  Did you make some mistake?" he asked
"No! Why would I?" I asked
"I mean you are being so good to me then you want something from me!" he claim
"What do you think? I can't be good to my brother without any reason?" I asked
"I know you very well, so tell me what you want!" he said
"Ummm...... Today mom dad is not gonna come home so how about I invite Eddie?" I asked
"Of coure you can, but in one condition!" he replied 
"What Condition?" I asked 
"Invite Stephanie too " he replied
"By any chance are you interested in Steph?" I asked
"Why? You have problem if I date your friend?" he asked back.
"But she?......" I hesitant.
If they start dating and something happen to Steph! I Don't want to see Aaron in pain
But I also want Steph to date someone.. She just lose hope of living. All she is now doing is waiting for her death! if she start dating, she might again start hope of living. Cause there is saying 'if you wished for something sincerely it will come true' I want her to stay between us. Should I just say Aaron that she is sick? then let him decide! But Steph doesn’t want anyone to know about her sickness!
"What are you thinking?" Aaron question take me out from my thoughts "does she already have boyfriend?" he asked
"No she Doesn't" I answered "let me call her and asked if she is free" I added
"Okay" he said. 

At present 
"Hey Steph, It's been a while" Edward said to me.
"Hey, Ed!  How are you?" I asked 
"Great!" he replied "you?" he asked
"As always" I said and take a sit. 

"Beer? Aaron asked me while pointing a bottle.
"no, she Won't Have beer, she will have organic orange juice" Ari said
"Why she is sick?" Aaron said
"No, I'm not, it’s just I have a bad drunken habit" I explain. 
Cause of my weak heart now I can't have any kind of alcohol. At some point it’s good for health but still sometime I crave for it but I can't have!.
"Oh come on, one glass Won't make you drunk!" Aaron claim
"Bro Don't force her" Ari said
"I'm sorry if I make you uncomfortable" Aaron apologised 
"No, it’s okay!" I said.
Whole everyone were having beer I was having just some juice! I wanna have beer too.


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