Mystery Behind The Shadow

Bad day at school

One day at school Ray was working on a machine. During the break 3 animals came 2 hyenas and 1 bear were all 17y Ray saw and said to himself . 

R: Again these morons

He got up and said

R: What do you want now?! 

They came pushing Ray and looked at what he was doing. They saw that he tried to connect one display. 

H: Ha what is it? 

Said the biggest hyena Henry and took the display. 

R: Bring back that fool, that's the most important part! 

Ray jumped and tried to take it back. A bear Samuel with another hyena Albert caught him and knocked him down. 

H: Where's your boyfriend Chester to defend you? 

Said Henry and began to laugh and the others did the same. Ray tried to get rid of them but he couldn't they were older and stronger than him

R: He's not my boyfriend, and I don't know where is he. I haven't seen him in a couple of days 

H: How sad you haven't seen your boyfriend in a couple of days hahahha 

Everyone kept laughing, the bell rang. 

H: Let's go guys 

They let go of Rey and walk off Henry turned and held in his hand the display. 

H: I take this with me you don't need anymore. 

They all left in their classroom. Rey got up he was nervous and kicked the machine because they took the most important part. After that, he went outside to the school yard and sat at a table under a tree and read a book. After a while, his friends a bird Lucas and a leopard Gilbert sat down at a table. 

G: What's up Rey? 

Gilbert asked

R: Nothing in particular I'm just reading this book. 

Rey said but a little sad, Lucas noticed and ask

L: What happened? Why are you sad? 

R: Eh those fools from 3rd-B came while I was working on the machine and took the display. 

G: What !! Those fools again? Do they really have to interfere in everything we do and ruin it!! 

Gilbert said nervously. 

L: We have to do something about it. They're constantly harassing us. 

Gilbert stood up and said angrily. 

G: What can we do against them? They're older and stronger than us! We can't do anything to them! Why isn't Chester here to help Ray? 

Lucas interrupted Gilbert before saying something else. 

L: Really where is Chester I haven't seen him in 3 days? 

R: I don't know. He didn't say anything and he doesn't answer my phone when I call him. I don't want to get him into any trouble again. The last time he fought with them, he was to blame for everything. They just punished him and the others not. 

Ray said and clenched his fist. 

L: Yeah Ray is right. Maybe we should give up on that machine. 

Gilbert shouted again 

G: After so much time and effort what have we done now to give up on the machine!? Are you crazy?! 

Rey interrupted him and stood up. 

R: And what are you going to do!? Going to fight with them?! 

He said it angrily. Lucas and Gilbert looked at him in astonishment because he had never been so angry with them. 

R: Sorry guys but I have to go home. 

He said in a sad voice, started packing and left. Gilbert and Lucas watched him walking, then Lucas put his hand on his head. 

L: Are you normal at all? Look what you did. You should keep your mouth shut for a while. 

Gilbert said nothing and sat down. As he walked home, Rey thought to himself. 

R: Why do these fools always have to ruin everything? Why only me? Why am I not like Chester? I'm just a weakling. 

He sighed and continued home. Before he arrived he ran into Daniel a lion 41y James deputy at PCC and his best friend the lion turned around and saw Ray. 

D: What's up kid? 

R: Nothing special, I just want to get home to sleep I'm tired. Where you going? 

D: I need to talk to your father about something very important. 

They went for a walk together and talked all the time. 

D: How's your machine doing? 

R: Ehh it's going. 

D: I never asked you what that machine was for? 

Said the Daniel and looked at Ray. 

R: I've always had a dream to become like my father. To fight criminals, to help other people. To make this world a good place. With that machine, it would be easier to find bad people and recognize if someone is lying. 

D: You mean something like a lie detector? 

R: Something like that. 

D: That machine is not as small as I remember, how do you plan for someone to use it? 

R: Well my friend Gilbert and I planned to do one watch as a rehearsal. 

D: Hmm. 

Daniel looked at him strangely. 

R: With that watch you scan a person and the machine should send you all the information about it. And by the way the person speaks you would recognize if they are lying or telling the truth. 

D: Wow that sounds really good. 

R: Yeah. 

D: Who will you try it on when you're done? 

They look each others in the face. 

R: On you. 

Said Ray and started laughing. Daniel raised an eyebrow. 

D: Really? 

Ray nodded his head. 

D: Agreed. 

And Daniel laughed


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