Neon Dreams

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Note From Gegi Mei

Dear Readers,


Thank you for your interest to read this book.

Before we begin, I have to remind you that this is the second book of Shiver. Although this can be read seperately, you will have more uderstanding of the characters if you have read the first book.


This is also an ongoing story, updates will be regular, I will be posting new chapters as soon as I'm done writing them for you to read. You are welcome to comment on the story as we go, your feedback and input might be useful for the progress of the book. Please keep your comment spoiler free and kind with your words, thank you.


If you like the story, don't forget to click the star button and follow my account (if you haven't already) to get notificatins of my updates.


With that said, let's get started :) Happy reading!


Love always,


Gegi Mei

Gegi Mei

Edited: 31.07.2020

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