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Ring!!!!!Ring!!!!Ring!!!! The alarm is ringing with it's annoying noise. I reluctantly woke up from my bed to get ready to school .. yeah i am a high school Senior at Bronx High School where i have transferred last year due to some issues... I live alone in my one storey apartment with Two bedrooms, an ensuite bathroom, kitchen, Store Room and Spacious living room.

My School is 15 min drive from my house and I have ample of time to get ready. I had my Shower and wore black jeans with Over sized T-Shirt. I leave my long curls and used my sandalwood perfume and wore my round spectacles. All my amenities are sandalwood flavoured I love the smell. I reached my Kitchen to make something. As I live alone so i can't depend on takeout’s and i am hell tired to even make breakfast so grabbed an apple and had a glass of milk.. what!!! It is protein .

I garbed my bag, keys and rush to school. I reached 10 minutes prior and walked into fully rushed school. I ignored them and reached my locker  to collect my things i have  Advanced Mathematics first. So i took my bulky book, calculus  and locked it. I have 5 mins left to begun the classes I moved to my class and sat at last corner near a window.

As soon as the bell rang all students rushed into the class and my class started. After 10 minutes the Door burst opened and entered the bad boys namely Zayn Black, Cole Hamilton, Luke knight, Elliot smith.

All of them are good looking and hot guys. Zayn is the leader of their gang with Ocean Blue Eyes, well-toned body and 6.3 feet  height with black hair . Cole has pale green eyes, brown hair. Luke has dark brown eyes with black hair and Elliot has grey eyes with brown hair. All of them are nearly 6 feet with built bodies except for Elliot and all are super rich.

Teacher welcomed them with just a warning as they never disturb classes and are regular. Yeah the bad boys do learn and our classes continued...

My morning sections are completed peacefully. Its lunch time I reached our school canteen and ordered my stuff and ate in the corner of the canteen. I have no friends in school i am loner and happy with it.

The school Queen Bee Victoria walked into the canteen with her small pencil cut skirt and tight fitted top with face tone of make-up as if she was going to a club  along with her sidekicks who are almost the same as her. How can they even breath with them.

Soon she started her bullying with one of the students. She poured her drink on her and  the rest of the members laughed , like seriously who even laughs for  such things. I hate bullying and i can't even do anything to change it.

No one in the school bullies me even though I am nerd. She  bullied me when i was new here but I was not sitting quite so she never came in my way. She reached Zayn's table where rest of the football team sat she sat on his lap and kissed him. He being a player nicely accepted it.  

Everyone in his gang is same but Zayn is a Big player. i have never herd him dating but he always had hook-ups . Cole has a Girlfriend Abigail who is cute. They never sit together during lunch as Cole sit with his mates.  Well how do I know , I am not into gossiping but most of school talk about them so i know and i also have good observation skills.

The bell rang classes begun.. I reached my class which is  physics which I share with quad(4 Bad boys) most of them share my classes.... anyway i hate this subject but manage to get some good grades. Mr.Mathews announced us do a project with partners. I hate it even most as i am not good with people. He decided to pick the names as names were going ..







and the names continued..... till i am left with Zayn...he saw as if I were new to this school which is common to everyone and rest of the girls glared at me as if i had done this. I am not even interested to work with him.    I don't have anything against him but to work with him means I will be in spotlight. I can't even protest it. He asked us to do presentation on any topic and even asked us to sit with our partners till the end of the project which is due 2 weeks. He gave the rest of the class to discuss about the project. 

" Hii.. I am Zayn Black" he says as he reached my desk and sat beside me. I gave him a fake smile and replied Aurora. "  Aurora " he said my name as if he is testing it. 

" So what shall we do about the project, do you have any idea on which topic to represent " he asked with small smile on his lips. " Sir asked us to discuss about the topic with partner so lets put our topics together and choose one " I replied normally. He was taken aback as I dint show any interest on him.

“optics " was his first idea." thermodynamics " and we discussed some other topics and settled for Energy.

"Which Energy should we choose as there are many types of energies?" 

He taught for some time and replied " How about Nuclear Energy ". I don't have much idea about it but agreed on it.

He went to the sir and gave our topic. The bell rang so we dint discuss about where to meet to complete the project. May be we will discuss tomorrow was my last taught .


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