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       I opened my eyes and closed it right back, the light was too much. I tried to open it again, this time it was better. I looked away and shielded my eyes from the light. I am trying to understand what was going on. I looked around and I found myself in a desert, sand is all I see around me. my lips were dried, I had no shirt on and the sun was scorching. The last thing I remember was driving very fast over a bridge, I remember my car hitting the water, I saw water gush into my car and then nothing. How I ended up here still doesn’t make sense. Or I’m finally dead? Is this the afterlife? Oh my God, I am so dead I thought excitedly I sat up on the sand and shielded my eyes with my hand placed on my forehead as I looked around. I got up slowly, I felt pains all over my body. I tried to walk but I limped a little. I walked for about a mile I still couldn’t see any sign of life. I was tired and thirsty. I couldn’t walk anymore. Maybe I’m dead and this is hell but where the hell is the devil? I saw something like a tornado forming in the sky, but it came with light. I covered my eyes as the wind blew the dust to my face, I spread out two of my fingers to peek at what was going on. I think I saw someone coming down with the wind. I keep looking, soon I was lost in the wonder that I didn’t even notice that I have taken my hands completely off my eyes. I saw a beautiful woman descend down with tiny fluttering wings. So looked glorious I thought. Could this be the devil I wondered? Her feet touched the ground and she came walking towards me. I wasn’t scared I just looked at her. She got closer and smiled, hello Raphael. She knows my name, my real name. I stood with all the confidence I can mutter. How do you know my name? She smiled again and said, I know everyone’s name. She turned around and started walking away. I limped after her, wait wait; she turned her head to look at me. Does it mean you are the devil? I knew it; I knew the devil had got to be a hot woman. She smiled again I am not the devil she said. And why would you think that? Why would you be seeing the devil? She asked me and continued walking. I followed her still limping because I’m dead and I know I’m definitely going to hell. She laughed out loud this time and stopped moving. She walked closer to me sorry to disappoint you Raphael but you are not dead.  She turned to leave again, this time I didn’t follow her. so if I’m not dead and you are not the devil and you are not taking me to hell, then who the hell are you? Tinker bell? I said rolling my eyes. She didn’t say a thing but I can bet my life that she has that smile on her face. I raised my voice so she can hear me clearly, if he sent you, just make sure you tell him that I’m not coming, I’m not going anywhere with you. Oh, that’s not your decision to make Raphael. You are coming with me she said looking at me over her shoulder and she kept walking. And by the way Raphael my name isn’t tinker bell it’s Diane. I’d really like to see how you do that, I turned around and started walking in the opposite direction. I walked into something that felt like a glass barrier, I fell. I was confused because I just passed this exact spot and there was no barrier here and I can’t even see any glass. I crawled closer and touched it and it really was glass, I took off my hand quickly. Why can’t I see the glass at least, I took a handful of sand in my hand and threw it at the barrier. The sand went through it, I touched the barrier again, It was still there. I used the sand again and it went through the second time. What the actual fuck? I looked back to see if tinker bell was there, she was far away almost out of sight. I just sat on the sand and looked at her walk away. The barrier hits me at my back, I jumped in shock, it kept moving closer, I stepped back, I tried to push it back but it kept moving, soon I fell on the floor and it kept moving me forward with it, I struggled with it, I manage to get on my feet and ran to the left hoping to go around it. But it was unending and it kept pushing. I ran the other way and there still was no end. You need to stop torturing yourself Raphael, just sit and enjoy the ride or come willingly with me. Tinker bell said. I am not going anywhere with you, I have had enough of these mind games. My life has been a nightmare because of Him. I don’t want to go, I said that before and I’m saying it again. I’m not going. Just let me live my life or let me die. I said screaming angrily.

All these, I said waving my hand at everything, or the nothing around us since I’m in a fucking desert, none of these makes sense, this dessert and everything that has been happening to me for the past weeks doesn’t make any sense, I don’t want any of these I yelled.

Let me catch you guys up to speed. My life for the past weeks has been a bloody nightmare. My name s stab, that what everyone calls me but my real name is Raphael as tinker bell has earlier disclosed.  All these strangeness started one day when I was on a job to kill a man and his family. Yea that’s the kind of guy I am. I get paid to do dreadful things and I love my job. There is a saying that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life, I’m living that saying. Stop with the judgments you don’t know the story yet.

So back to what led to this moment in this annoying desert in the company of tinker bell. Let’s start from the morning of that day.

I was sitting in my kitchen sipping a cup of tea laced with weed because I need to be in the right frame of mind every morning. I was reading a book, basically having a boring morning in my luxurious apartment, when I got a message with the image of my target. Finally some good news I said tilting my head backward excitedly. Now my morning isn’t completely ruined something fun to do at last. I turned on my music player and played a rap song. Yes, I love rap. It has a way of making me feel hyped, angry, and happy at the same time. I lit up a blunt and danced all the way upstairs to my room. while you are imagining me dancing you should know I have really good moves and a nice ass. I got upstairs and opened my walk-in closet. I had to look for the right outfit that screams I’mma fuck you up but in a subtle way. I found one. By the way, I am not one of those assassins you see in movies that wears an all-black outfit. Nah that ain't me. I’m wearing pink tonight. Why? Because I think it screams imam fuck you up but in a subtle way, at least it’s going to keep my victim a little relaxed before I pop them open. That’s the mood I’m in today other times I love scaring the shit out of them or just surprise them. I have once jumped out on my victim naked; ah you should have seen their faces before I killed them. On the bright side, my mighty fine penis was the last thing they saw. What lucky ladies they are. And nope, I don’t rape people. I like real passionate sex, ok ok maybe I’m exaggerating a little but I like consent and watching a woman enjoy my expertise in bed.


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