Plain Jane

One - Party for two

Julia sits in front of her dresser mirror trying on one tiara after the other, ‘it's my party, and I’ll cry if I want to, I cry if I want to,’ she sings in her head.                                                                                     

“Have you decided which tiara you going to wear first for your birthday?”  Julia’s personal hairdresser asks her as she turns a piece of long blond hair into a curler.                                                                        

“I think this one,”  Julia holds up a tiara with small clustering diamonds surrounding a bigger one about the size of half a grape.                                                                                                                        

“Dress?”  the hairdresser asks again curling another piece of hair.                                                

“I am thinking the blue one but my mom wants me to wear the silver-grey one saying it goes well with my eyes,”  Julia says looking at her grey-green eyes.                                                                                    

“She is right,” the hairdresser agrees with Julia’s mother.                                                

“Of course I am right,”  Melissa Herald says, as she walks into her daughter’s room.                        

Years ago she had a one-night stand with a prince while on holiday in Norway and after refusing her parents' wishes to have the child aborted she consulted the prince and soon found her in a struggling marriage.  Shortly after the birth of her daughter, she divorced the prince but her daughter is still considered a princess and in the line to inherit the throne.  Melissa stays with her daughter at a castle that was gifted to her daughter on her first birthday by her father.  To this day she never left Norway but did long to return to her home country.                                                                                                                        

Melissa holds titles that are given to her because she is the mother of the prince's only daughter at this stage and to keep her in Norway.                                                                                    

Julia visits her father on holidays and sometimes on weekends.                                                

“Wonder what I am getting from father for my birthday this year,”  Julia says, expecting something big as her father always tops the previous birthday.                                                                                    

“Probably a country,”  her mother laughs.                                                                        

“Works for me,”  Julia jokes.                                                                                                

A butler came in with a silver tray that had an envelope on with a red wax seal in her father's family crest.

“He is so old-fashioned,”  Julia says smiling, as she breaks the wax seal.                        

‘Happy birthday my darling daughter.  I am sorry but I won't be able to attend your birthday.  Please let me know what you would like for your birthday as I am out of ideas.’                                    

Julia folds the letter back into the envelope, “where is my phone?”                                    

Julia’s personal assistant that also happened to be her bodyguard handed her, her phone.

“I don’t want to be a princess anymore,”  Julia says as the tears build up in her eyes.

Julia feels her mother wrapping her arms around her to comfort her as her mother knew all too well that her daughter can not be bought.  Melissa knew this day would come eventually as her daughter was never much for all this fancy stuff.                                                                                                

Julia handed over the phone to her mother, “you make it happen.”                                                

Julia takes out the rollers from her hair and puts them on her dressing table that has a couple of magazines with her face on them laying around.  Her hairdresser helps her to take the rollers out of her hair.

“Please inform everyone that has been invited that the party has been canceled,”  Julia says as she finally allowed the tears to run from her face as she listens to her mother arguing over the phone.

Melissa holds her hand over the phone, “we can not cancel the party, Queen Elizabeth is already here!”

“Cancel the party, I will have a party with the Queen alone.”                                                            

Julia takes out a day dress fit for tea with the Queen and puts it on.  Julia ignores her mother's protest who has forgotten that she has her ex-husband still on hold.                                                                        

"Good morning, your majesty,"  Julia greets Queen Elizabeth with a  curtsy bow.                         

"Happy birthday dear," the queen allows Julia to kiss her on her cheeks.                                    

"Thank you, your majesty. I hope you have not been looking forward to a party as I decided to cancel it and just share my birthday with you."                                                                                                                        

"You know me, I like a good party but as long as there is champagne I don't mind a party for two,"  the queen signals her assistant to come over and present the gift she got for Julia.                        

"I chose it myself,"  the queen says smiling.                                                                                    

A second assistant takes the lid of the box to reveal a beautiful white musical jewelry box with a diamond stud border and a Silver letter J, "it is beautiful.  I absolutely love it!"                        

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