Rain's Bride


I held my pepper spray tightly in my hand as I held my bag with the other. I walked briskly down the lonely road that led to my small home, my nervous eyes constantly darting around to see the man who had been following me for the past ten minutes, ever since I left the grocery shop where I work as a part timer. 


I knew he was following me, since I was the only one who lived down here. No one else. I picked up pace, and I heard the footsteps his heavy boot made accelerate too.


God, help me. I was sweating profusely, my lips quivering from the immense fear I felt. I didn't want to have to actually use this spray, I just wanted to go home.


As if the heavens was lamenting my condition, it suddenly started to rain, a heavy downpour that started bolts of electricity flashing through the sky. I didn't stop to pull out an umbrella from my bag, just drew my coat to myself and continued walking. 


The man's footsteps behind me splattered water, and I knew he was close. I was about to break into a run when I suddenly felt a hand touch my shoulder.


I stopped, shivering, my finger reaching for the pepper spray. Because of the rain and the darkness, I couldn't see well, and I clumsily let go of the pepper spray. I heard his small laugh as it clattered to the ground.


"Pretty girl..." He drawled, and I moved away.


"Stay away from me."


He moved closer, just as I bent to pick the pepper spray, knowing I didn't have much of an option. He laughed and kicked it away, causing me to gasp in horror.


"You are walking alone on an empty road...let me help you overcome your loneliness."


I opened my eyes as I pushed myself further away from him, my heart threatening to explode. He started to extend his hand towards me, and I hated that the flash of lightning made his sinister smile visible.


"Don't." I said, closing my eyes. "Please don't."


He laughed, just before another flash of lightning graced the sky, then thunder following behind immediately.


The only thing I heard was a loud thud on the ground, as the water splattered on me. I opened my eyes, the rain becoming heavier for a moment, before suddenly stopping, just the way it had started.


The man was lying on his stomach, his hands spread out. I took the torch in my bag that I had not used in order to avoid being spotted, and turned it on. He was motionless, and his face, the back of his neck and his hands had turned a disgusting blue. 


I swallowed hard, then turned away, running the rest of the way home. I closed my eyes, willing myself to calm down. He was gone. The rain was gone. I didn't see anything. Nothing.


I leaned against the door, letting myself lose my footing and I fell slowly to the floor.


This was my life. A pretty ordinary one on other day, except when it was raining. Whenever it rained, something happened to change my life. Something bad, or good. It was like the rain was taking charge of the reins of my life, steering me to a bigger event than this mediocrity. I wished it would stop raining all together. It was my bad omen.


I didn't realize when I started to doze off, the fatigue of the day finally taking it's toll on me. With my head leaned against the door, I started to doze off.


I heard the footsteps faintly, and also felt when I was being lifted, but I didn't bother opening my eyes. I already knew the only person who would be around here, and even want to take me to sleep comfortably. My fiance, Kevin.


"I know you are not asleep," He said as he walked towards the room we shared. I opened my eyes, snuggling comfortably. 


"Maybe you should let me sleep here, in your arms."


He laughed, but his face immediately morphed into a serious one. "What bride goes to work part time, Celyn?"


"Me, I guess." I said smiling. "I just don't want to be a liability, Kevin. We are getting married a day after tomorrow, and...I don't have much."


"Shh..." He said. "I am good."


I nodded. "That's what you'll say."


He finally laid me on the bed and tucked me in, then sat beside me. "How was your day?"


I thought. Should I tell him about the man? The rain? He was, after all going to be my groom, but...


"Nothing spectacular."


He nodded, then kissed my forehead and left the room to let me sleep.


It was reported on the local news the next day as I sat I front of the TV, having a few attendats try to resuscitate my skin in time for my wedding tomorrow.


Dead Man Found On Lonely Alley, Apparently Struck By Lightning.


I swallowed, trying to take my mind off it. I didn't do it. I didn't control lightning or rain.


"Do you, take Celyn King as your lawfully wedded wife, to love and adore and cherish till the end of time?"


I watched Kevin nervously as he smiled, then nodded to the officiating priest. It made me smile, although still a bit nervous, as the priest cleared his throat.


"Can you say that out loud?"


"Yes. I take her to be my wife."


As if on cue, it immediately started to rain, the thunder claps deafening. My cheat started to heave with nervousness. What if something happened like it always did? What effect would it have on this wedding?


I extended my hand to Kevin who held it in his, reassuring me with a smile. I tried to smile too, but the anxiety got to me.


"Do you, Celyn King, take Kevin Russell to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love, to adore and to cherish till the end of time?"


I was not sure of it was my anxiety, but the rain got even heavier.


I looked at Kevin, then turned to the priest to answer, before the door suddenly opened. It was an extremely heavy downpour outside, and it made outside hardly visible.