The alpha


Drake McGregor Robinson: He is the alpha of the silver moon pack. Only that he is a cold and lonely werewolf who is not afraid of anything and much less anyone moves him, he knows very well that not even when he meets his mate will he change his character or maybe he is wrong, because anything can happen in this life, but that very soon he would prove and more so when his father appointed him president of his company, all he had to do was accept his eternal partner.

Helena Myers Thompson: is a girl who reflects in her eyes the goodness of her soul. She is too fragile and above all she is human, she just feels sad sometimes because she has no one in this life and she would like to fall in love sometime like one of the characters in her favorite books does. But, she knew perfectly well that when her new boss showed up at the company he was going to fire her for being ugly.

Two different souls that will become one the first moment they recognize each other and they will understand that all they need is love.


“Fate has been decided for many years and we must learn to accept it. Because surely they will have a big surprise in their life”.


#47 in Fantasy
#33 in Romantic fantasy

Story about: werewolf, romance, soulmates

Edited: 24.11.2020

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