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The Magniferous Kingdom

Barak stood in front of the target boss exactly three hundred metres away from it, with his bow and arrow, ready to shoot. He nocked the arrow, anchored the bow and aimed at the centre of the target. There was only silence. Anything that could be heard was the whistling of the wind and his pounding heartbeat. He left the string and watched the arrow speeding towards the target. It missed. Achilles chuckles. Barak turns around and says with joy, "Brother!" and they hugged each other. "Perhaps you need more practice." Achilles says. "Yes, but I didn't see you coming." says Barak. Achilles says, "I was here since you missed your first target an hour ago. Well, that was not a tough target." "Do you think so?",Barak asks and continues, "well then you should try to get the shot!" "Are you challenging me?" Achilles asks. "Yes, yes I am...challenging you." Barak says. "Ok then. I will show you what I have." Achilles says and takes the bow from Barak's hand and an arrow from his leather quiver. He moves towards the aiming position and nocks the arrow, anchors the bow and aims towards the target. Achilles' heartbeat did not pace. It was normal. Achilles sees Barak and says, "I have never lost any challenge." He shoots still looking at his brother. Barak sees the arrow moving towards the target just like he did but this time, it was a perfect shot. "Great!",Barak exclaims with joy and continues," Now I have come to know why our enemies are afraid of you." Achilles says, "You are a grown up man now and you too will have to fight in a war so it is better for you to master the weapons", he says and continues," if you don't want your head to be slain down." "That won't happen.",Barak says and chuckles. Achilles says, "Good for you. Well, for now, father has told me to go to the village and scrutinize it and check whether everyone is fine or not. So get ready. Take some rest and we will be heading towards the village." "Surely", Barak agrees. They both left the training ground and moved in the castle towards their respective royal rooms.

    The two brothers were the sons of one of the greatest and wisest king ever. His name was Cairo Andino. The castle was located on the top of a hill. It was spread across more than two acres of land. The people of the village had a stable job and earned a good income. The kingdom was prosperous. Everyone respected the king, Cairo. His position was higher than the forty meters castle walls in the eyes of the people. But there was always the threat of enemies who want to capture their kingdom but they could not do so because of the warriorship of the soldiers and their superior weaponry strength.

    In the village most of the people had brick made house but there was one house which could barely be called a house. It was made of mud and was located at the end, a little bit separated from the village. A woman in her early fifties laid on the floor. She was coughing loudly. She covered her mouth with her hand and coughed. She saw her hand and there were few drops of blood on it. "Mother,"cries a boy with concern and continues, "your condition is getting worse day by day and there is nothing I can do for you. I do not have a job." "It is not your fault my son", the woman said with a weak voice. The woman was in rugged clothes and the boy's clothes were tattered. "Why did father leave us mother? Did he want us to starve and die?",the boy asked. "He sought for power and went in search of it.",the woman coughs and continues, "Someone came to him dressed in dark clothing and said something to him after which the next day, he left." The boy's name was Maceo. His father left him with his mother when he was just five years old. He told them that one day soon, he would return and they would live happily but the day passed and became months, which became years. He never returned. There was a rumour that he died as God punished him for his misdeeds. The money which Maceo's father left for them was finished and they did not get the food. Maceo's mother was forced to sell her brick built house and shift in the one-roomed one in which they now lived. They had a small yard beside their home. Maceo often begged for some crop seeds in the market and some people who were generous helped him with a little money too. The society too was responsible for their condition as there was a myth that the son of an unfaithful man is also unfaithful because he had the blood of his father, so no one gave him any work to do not even a petty one. "I am going to the forest to take some herbs for you mother." says Maceo. "Don't go Maceo.",the woman cries and continued with a frail voice, "I see my end is near. I won't live for more than a week now. It will be better if I spend this time with my son."  "I won't let anything happen to you. I won't let you die. I will get you treated." says Maceo. He remembers something and cries with anger and sorrow, "But I have nothing. I am just an abandoned son of an unfaithful man. This is not my fault. By the Gods, if I could do anything to get money I would...anything to save you." There was a second of silence in the room after which Maceo says, "I am going mother. I will be back soon. I will get some fruits on the way." Maceo's mother didn't say a word. "Take care." Maceo says softly and he moves out of the mud-house. He was heading towards the forest road when a man says, "Don't you think the time is too late to go to the forest now?" "No, I will be back before sunset." Maceo says without watching the man. "Listen carefully, boy. I said rightly that it's too late...too do anything now.",said the man with decreasing voice. Maceo turns to see the man but find nothing but moving dust. He wondered for a moment and then continued moving on his way.

    Achilles and Barak moved towards the main entrance gate which was really big. It was guarded by four soldiers, tall and lean muscled. On their way, Barak asked, "Where is mother?I haven't seen her since yesterday." "You know, she is busy with her friends.",says  Achilles."Nice to see you, Princes.",the General of the army says with a heavy tone. "Yes. It is for us too.",Barak says. "Are you two going somewhere, may I ask?", says the General with respect. "We are heading towards the village. Father has given us some work to do.",Achilles informs. "Alone?",asks the General. "Well, we two are enough for any enemy. Plus brother is the probably the most skilled swordsman after father and you.",Barak says. "That is certain but what if there are too many enemies or someone better? What will you two do then?",asks the General and continues, "You two too know that our enemies are increasing every day. Many are jealous of us. It is no more safe to go anywhere without the guards." "Of course, I understand." Achilles agrees and asks," Do you think that our enemies Yonavas in the east will attack us?" "That would be foolish of them if they do so.We will slay everyone who stands against us kingdom without mercy. And besides, God is always with the true and we are the one.",says the General. "What about the Attras in the south?",asks Barak. "It wouldn't be a question if you were anyhow interested in the politics of the kingdom.",says Achilles and continues, "The last time they came, their king literally begged for sparing his life and we being generous, did so." "But there is news that the king of the Attras has increased his cavalry and weaponry and he is meeting other kings and making a plan,", says the General with a low voice. "He might surpass us with men and weapons but he could never surpass us with our courage. We Magnifers are too brave for his army to handle.",says Achilles with pride. "True.",says the General. "Excuse us General but we have to leave now.",says Achilles. "Wait, our two great warriors will go with you for your safety.",says the General. He signals one of the gate guards to come to him and says, "Go and call Adrian and Kawena. Tell them to come quick, I have called.",orders the General. "Yes,  sir.",says the guard and leaves. "How is your practice going on Barak? Are you ready to be a warrior?",asks the General to Barak. "Yes,", Barak nods his head and says, "pretty much." "I think you should increase your diet brother. You look so thin.", Achilles says in a taunting way and chuckles, followed by the General. "Yes, Barak. Achilles is right.",says the General. Barak inspects himself and says, "I am not that fat.I am building muscles." Achilles and the General laugh. The guard returns with Adrian and Kawena.He comes to the General and says, "As you told General." and goes back to his original place. "Here, they are.",says the General with a smile and continues, "You two have to go with the Princes to the village." "Yes, sir!",exclaims Adrian and Kawena. "That's the spirit.",says the General and patted them on their shoulder. The four of them moved on their way to the village through a shortcut which passed through the jungle. The village was below the hill. They were passing through the jungle.The birds were chirping and bees buzzing. The two-great-warriors were moving in front of the Princes about five meters away. Barak asks Achilles, "Why is the General so loving towards them?" "Don't you know that they are the sons of the General.",says Achilles. "Oh!', says Barak with wonder. "They once saved our father from one of the enemy kings and cut his head off his body and also killed many of his soldiers.",says Achilles with enthusiasm and continues, "That is why they are called the great warriors and are respected even by father." "Ok. Well, then I think that we should be grateful to them and thanks them.",Barak says with thankfulness. They were moving on the small road when they heard a sound in the grass. They stopped and the soldiers took out their swords. They looked around and found nothing. They moved on but after some time suddenly a black panther jumped out of the grass and stood between the soldiers and the Princes. It leapt on Achilles and stretched his paws towards him.  It happened too quickly for the soldiers to do anything. The panther was in the air, ready to attack when a dagger came and hit its eye. The panther fell down and there was blood on the forest ground and it ran away through the trees. Everyone watched in the direction from where the dagger had come. Maceo stood near an old tree. Achilles moves towards him and says with gratitude," Thank you, young man, for saving my life." "You should be careful Princes while moving through the forest. There are many dangerous animals and they see no king or peasant. They just attack.",says Maceo. "Of course, you are right. I will take more care the next time.",says Achilles and asks, "What is your name?" "My name is Maceo." "You have a great aim and precision.",appreciates Achilles and asks, "Do you know to use the sword too?Are you trained by someone?" "I am a great swordsman too, Prince but I am not trained by anyone. I have learnt everything on my own.",says Maceo. "Where do you work?" "Sadly, I do not have a job. I am the son of an unfaithful man.",says Maceo. "Would you like to become our, brothers', personal guard?" "The society would not...", Maceo says, stops and thinks about the money he would get with which he could treat his mother. "Yes, that would be my pleasure." "Fine then." Achilles says. "Sorry to interrupt but the king would not allow for this Prince.",reminds Kawena. "I will talk to him.",says Achilles to Kawena and asks Maceo," Do you have anyone in your family?" "I have my mother but she is very sick." "Why don't you get her treated then?",asks Barak. "I have no money, Prince. When there is no job, there is no money. We get our food from the forest. That is why I was here.",says Maceo with sorrow. There was a second of silence. "I will get her treated.",says Achilles with pain for Maceo in his voice. "Thank you my lord...thank you.",says Maceo with great thankfulness. "Can I come to your home to see your mother.",says Achilles. "I will be delighted to have you at my home lord, but I guess there will be more important business.",says Maceo. "Welfare of the public, that is what I am here for and I will do so.",says Achilles and continues, "Let's go to your home now." "Of course, my lord.",says Maceo.


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