The Billionaire's cold wife

Chapter 1

Grace sat in the boardroom while looking at her employees presenting a proposal for the deal they are competing for. For three hours she has not said anything and changed her posture. Everyone knew that she does not like the proposal by her silence, they were panicking and sweating waiting for her response. 

" this proposal is not of my standards even for a little bit, so you just discuss among yourselves to come up with a new proposal of the company's standards and mine also" she said. 

Everyone looked at her and nodded, she stood up and left the room while her secretary followed behind her. The breath they all have been holding quickly went out. 

Violet the receptionist stood up and said " the chief is so cold no wonder she is still single even now" Everyone laughed and quickly kept quiet fearing if their boss would hear them. 

" yes the boss has been single for four years now because her childhood sweetheart left her because he made her best friend pregnant so he has married the friend" Diana the secretary said. 

" that is the most shocking, no wonder the chief is like that. If it was another woman she would have committed suicide but chief is the strongest" violet said.

Grace Kingston

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