The Cold Hearted Tomboy Soul Reaper


Like everyday, a building caught fire, and she was there in the crowd. Firefighters elbowed through the massive group of people to do their job. Never in a decade had they felt so tired. Since a few weeks, they had been called for hundreds of cases as such. It was a if the city was cursed. People lost their lives, many disappeared without trace. Many were those who decided it was not safe to live there anymore and fled the country. No one could solve the mystery, not even the one causing the chaos.

The 16 year old tomboy stood there, the gaze towards the building, precisely what was left of it. She had also noticed the change in the atmosphere since a few weeks. The city was slowly dying, piece by piece it was destroyed, just like disassembling a puzzle. Explosions, earthquake, fire and flood. She had always been there the moment it happened she had witnessed all the incidents, all the deaths, she had heard the yells of agony, of fright,but she had never been able to help. She had never been able to stop it.

She was a normal student, so she thought. She lived alone in an apartment. She was a youtuber. She always kept herself busy and sometimes she had to go out and when she did, something would happen. She was named Kim, Kim Hitsugaya. After the death of her parents, she decided to move out of the house. An apartment seemed to her the best choice. Taking up a part time job after school, she rarely slept between doing homework and editing youtube videos.

The previous night, it had been an earthquake. The captain finally decided it was high time to talk to the commander about what was happening in the human world. He had been observing the movement of every witnesses every time. He had found it weird that a specific person was always present during the incidents. Clearly interested, he made his research and to his surprise he discovered she was the cause of the incidents. Her reiatsu was just too high. There existed humans with reiatsu. Those humans were bound to become soul reapers upon their deaths and that was normal. But this girl had it just too high and it leaked out like an overflowed river, resulting in the attraction of more and more hollows in her surroundings. She didn't supress it because she clearly didn't know what was happening.

The head captain was also confused as to what he had to do. He decided it was time to have a little conversation with the great judges and immediately set off. There he was ordered to send a captain to educate the girl and to train her. It was then decided that the captain of the 10th squad would go. He prepared his things and set off through the senkaimon.


Kim Hitsugaya

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