The Devil Desire



"Someone else's Psychotic obsession, led a Devil in life of Angel." Which begin the Tale of The Devil Desire." 

"For him she was light of his desloated world, a mere target"!.

"For her , he was worse nightmare, a devil".

"She wanted to escape him." 

"Where's he wanted to claim her as his." 

"But again what fate have stored for both or how"

"Or who will succeed? Only time can convey their tale of success. 


Synopsis -

"Sometimes even knowing everything about the outcome", "Of our action still we failed to prevent ourselves from getting hurt"!.

"Bad or good one thing everyone want is respectful Successful life", "No matter for achieving that what way they walk on"!. 


Character Sketch
Male Protagonist - "Rajat Singh Rathor, 5.51ft tall 29 year old, Bussiness men in Mumbai.

Female Protagonist - "Paridhi Singh ! 5.41ft tall 33 year old, Doctor in Colva Village of Goa "!  

Avika Rai

Edited: 20.09.2021

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