The Exiled Dragon

Chapter 1 "Happy Birthday"

Serenity's P.O.V

"Can I please get the missipi mud pie cake for my birthday? Please mommy..please?" I said looking at my mom with my best puppy face. I swirled from side to side while my hands were involuntarily playing with the hem of my dress.

"Firstly, it's not missipi. It's mississippi mud pie cake. And secondly, no! you can't get it. You had it just two days ago. And even if I ignore that, you never listen to me and always end up eating too much of it.". She tried to say, but was cut off by my reasoning.

"It's because I really love it" I tried to convince her, but deep down getting the idea of the result in which this conversation would end.

"And your love for this cake always costs you atleast one day of your school. So NO!" she declared with finality in her voice.

I let out a defeated sigh. She was correct though. I always ended up with a stomach ache after eating the cake, but why is it so difficult for her to understand my love for my favourite cake.

Suddenly a smile graced my lips at the idea that popped up in my mind.

"Daddy" I turned on my heels and now facing my father, I looked at him with the same best puppy face that failed miserably with my mother.

"Please daddy.. please" I said in an almost singing voice.

My attempts and my puppy face might not have worked on my mother but there was no way that they would fail with my father too.

"Of course darling! We will definitely buy your favourite mississipi mud pie cake for your birthday.." he said lovingly holding my finger and walking towards the display counter.

I patted myself mentally for my intelligent ideas and grinned from ear to ear.

" year" my father completed and my lips that were curved upwards immediately changed their course and turned down.

But how is it even possible! My puppy face magic always works with my father. How did it fail today?

I tilted my head upwards to look at my father, so as to get the answer but he was not even looking at me. I followed his gaze and all my questions were answered at once.

My mother was directing death glares at him while he was smiling sheepishly.

I huffed at my futile attempts.

"Sweety. If you will not even taste anything else, how will you get to know whether you like them or not?" my mother said softly crouching down and taking both my hands in hers.

"We can take the mississippi mud pie cake, along with the other cake. It's her birthday after all and she really loves to eat it." my father tried to persuade.

I looked at my father and a smile formed on both of our faces at the same time.

"Fine! But only if you promise to eat it in a small portion at a time." she said, chuckling.

"I promise!" I squealed with joy.

My father raised his hand to high five me but paused when my mother stood and looked at him.

"And you will promise not to spoil her like this" she said pointing her finger at him.

"I promise." he said without wasting even a single second, high fived me and took my hand as we both marched towards the display.

"When will we reach home daddy?" I asked, while looking outside the window of the car.

"Just fifteen minutes more darling. We are just aroun-". My father stated while again starting the car when the traffic light went green.

But I couldn't hear anything he said after that. The lights that flashed from the car which came speeding towards us blinded me and I closed my eyes instinctively. Suddenly it felt as if I was rolling and my head hit the window pane. I tried to shout but not even a single sound came out of my mouth. My ears were ringing and I felt some liquid dripping from my forehead.

"Serenity..Serenity. Wake up!" My daddy's voice echoed in my ears amidst the ringing and I blinked my eyes before finally opening them with much difficulty.

"Daddy" I started crying as soon as I open my eyes fully and looked at my father. Blood was flowing from the left side of his face and small pieces of glass were stuck in his hands.

"It's okay darling. Don't cry. Everything is going to be fine." he said while constantly kicking on the door of the car on his side.

"Daddy. Mommy is not speaking anything. She is not even opening her eyes." my cries got louder when despite my efforts, my mother didn't move even a bit. Her face was completely drenched with blood and her hands were still holding the cake in a tight grip.

"It's okay darling. Mommy is fine. Just let's get you out of here first."

The door on his side broke off and he stopped kicking it. He picked me up from the back seat and quickly placed me out of the car.

"Run towards the house darling. Get away from here." he said struggling with his seat belt.

"Daddy. I am scared. " my cries got louder by each passing second.

"Don't be scared darling. Everything is going to be fine. Just run and don't look back. Daddy will be right behind you."

"Promise daddy?"

"Always remember one thing darling. Mommy and daddy will always love you" after a few seconds of hesitation, he said with a smile.

"Now run and promise me that you will not look back, no matter what happens."

I wanted to say that I promise but no words came out so I just nodded with my tear strained face.

I started to run in the direction of my house but my legs froze when a deafening sound hit my ears and a bright light replaced the sorrounding darkness.


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